Wednesday, July 28, 2021

Campus Style

By Heather Hawkes & Jordan Koziol

Costumes of bold colors and textures are far from a horror story. (AP Photo)
Costumes of bold colors and textures are far from a horror story. (AP Photo)

Just as we declared Coven as the Supreme of AHS style, the Freak Show came to town, pink and wrapped in silk. As if the show wasn’t addicting enough, we were quite literally entranced by the rich colors, the striped patterns, the furs, the glitter, and the corsets that the cast members were draped in. As the autumn weather cools down, steal inspiration from these decadently stylish characters.

Elsa Mars: With her dramatic silk robes, oversized furs and omnipresent boas, it’s hard to believe that this German expatriate hasn’t reached stardom yet. To adopt some of this dream-like glamour, consider adding the following to your fall wardrobe: maroon or pink silk shirts, lacy scarves, black thigh-high socks and a faux fur vest or jacket. Take the carnival-essence a step further and invest in a candy striper-esque red and white striped skirt.

Ethel Darling: Though she may be bearded, Ethel Darling is one stylish performer. In the first episode, she sported a printed-fringe kimono over a satin, rose-colored dress. Accessorizing the look, she added an embellished-gold headband and a draping knotted necklace. Steal her dress and kimono combo or her amazing color palette of rose-gold, blush pink, navy and gold.

Ma Petite: Though she be but little, she is fierce. At 2’6’’ Ma Petite can always be found rocking intricate and beautiful saris. A garment typically worn by women of South Asia, saris are growing in popularity in the fashion world. This fall, channel in your inner Ma Petite with a draping silk shawl, or even just a silk blouse or tank in rich mauve or eggplant colors. Bonus points for detailed gold beading or embellishment. 

Though Twisty the clown may be giving us nightmares, the characters from AHS Freak Show have us dreaming up elaborate ensembles. We can’t wait for next Wednesday, but until then, get your fashion freak on!


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