Saturday, July 24, 2021

Campus Style

By Heather Hawkes & Jordan Koziol

This week, we are featuring a student who is not only a fashion killer, but also a name that you will most definitely see in lights in the near future. Franco Obour, better known as ‘Junior,’ is an up and coming rap artist with a serious sense for fashion. As a third-year Biology major at the College, it seems nearly impossible to be able to conjure up the lyrical art that Junior seems to so effortlessly craft. We highly recommend you not only listen to his fashion advice, but also to his immense musical talent on his sound cloud account, juneyouare.

Q: You’re kind of a campus celebrity. How does your music influence your style?

My music definitely has an impact on my style. I love hip-hop culture, and a large part of it is the way you carry yourself. Clothes aid in an artist’s expression, and they’re almost an extension of their music.

Q: Describe your fashion-sense in three words.

Wavy, ’90s, simple.

Q: Predict a trend for 2015.

I feel like people are starting to appreciate clothing from the ’90s. It’s the era that most of our generation grew up in, and it makes sense that styles are making a return.

Q: Famous person whose style you admire:

I admire ASAP Rocky’s style in addition to Ian Connor’s and Kanye’s.

Q: Kanye or Kendrick?

Kendrick > Kanye (I love Kanye though).

Q: Do you think you can incorporate style into your future occupation?

If I’m successful in becoming a recording artist, I’ll be able to incorporate my style into my profession. But if I become an orthopedic surgeon, it’ll be a little tougher. I can rock the suit and tie look pretty well, so I’m not very concerned.


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