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Kim’s Declassified: The Four Scariest Places On Campus

By Kimberly Ilkowski
Review Editor

What convinced a person with a laundry list of phobias to trek into the darkest, creepiest spots on campus? Insanity, of course. With Halloween right around the corner, I compiled a list of the most horrifying, chill-inducing places to check out this holiday weekend. Enter if you dare, because like seriously, these places are really messed up.

  1. Bliss Basement

Welcome to the asylum, er, I mean, the classrooms in the lower level of Bliss that don’t have any windows connecting us to the outside world. If the classrooms weren’t enough to make you feel a little uneasy, instead of going back up the staircase to civilization, continue down the bright white, fluorescently lit hallway of terror. The pretty glass walkways that merge the two buildings of Bliss ain’t so pretty underground. If you follow this strange connector to the end you’ll reach an off-center door. Open it, and you’ll find another bright white hallway, this time with gigantic red letters that say “CAUTION.” Twice. Why am I exercising caution? I have no idea, because every door at the end of the hallway is locked… except for the stairwell to freedom I promptly bolted up.

bliss basement
(Photo Courtesy of Kimberly Ilkowski)

3. Kendall Hall Main Stage

By this point in the semester everyone has heard the legend of the murder in Kendall Hall. For most of my freshman year I brushed it off as nothing more than a scare-tactic conjured up by the upperclassmen. However, a quick Google search proved otherwise. The death of a student in the theatre in 1977 is a real event, but don’t let your floormates keep you up at night with elaborately fabricated stories of the night. But something that’s all too true? The mysterious murderer has never been identified to this day.

kendall stage
(Photo Courtesy of TCNJ)

2. Ely, Allen and Brewster Basement

I don’t know how to begin talking about this fun house of horror. So let’s begin with a room filled with ENTIRELY JUST LAMPS. Seriously, the three long corridors are a jackpot of scary. Open this door and you’ll find 30 old lamps on the floor next to a giant shelf system of miscellaneous nuts, bolts and ancient parts that could easily be from the days of the buildings construction (1931, people).

Behind the next door is a sink. Just a sink. After that is a deserted lounge with a deceptively cheerful under-the-sea mural. Behind the next door that is an entire room of MORE DOORS. At one point there’s a kitchen area with a drawer that says “Do Not Open — Ebola Inside.” There may not be Ebola inside, but there is unbearably old takeout food inside there. Why someone decided to keep it as a freaky science experiment? No one will ever know.

And get this, room number 13? PAD LOCKED SHUT.

Somehow, it gets worse. The room next to room 13 was in complete disarray with a giant sink, chairs and haphazardly placed planks of wood. There is a doorway on the side that would normally lead into room 13… if it wasn’t for the gaping, splintered hole the size of a person seemingly smashed into it. Things got way too weird at that point for me to continue my journey.

ABE basement
(Photo Courtesy of Kimberly Ilkowski)


Have you checked your grades since midterms? Probably not, in fear that your nightmares of failing may be all too real. This cyber universe may not hold any giant red warning signs (but it probably should), unsolved murder cases or drawers full of Ebola, but it is still terrifying. After Homecoming and in the midst of Halloweekend, tell me, do you have what it takes to explore the shadowy places of grades unknown?


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