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Kim’s Declassified: 5 things to put on your TCNJ bucket list

By Kimberly Ilkowski
Review Editor

As college kids, we all have certain goals we want to reach, whether it’s making Dean’s List or getting an essay done before the night it’s due. But what about things you should strive to do that are only at TCNJ? My bucket list is endless, but I picked my 5 favorite things you have to do at the College before your four years are up!

Ride the lion

For years now, everyone has been told they must get a picture on top of this statue. Located outside of Roscoe West, the Roscoe figure is an easy enough first bucket list item to check off. Just be careful with him, Roscoe’s getting fragile in his old age.

kim's lion
(Photo courtesy of TCNJ)

Jump in the fountain

This is a rite of passage for freshman just starting out at the College. Round up your floormates and head out to the Science Complex to frolic in the crystal blue water. Squeeze this one in before it gets too cold, otherwise you’ll have to wait until spring semester when there isn’t a foot of snow covering it.

kim's fountain
(Photo courtesy of Sydney Shaw)

Eat a TDubs burger

Unfortunately under renovations this semester, TDubs is the spot to be when you have those late night cravings. Located in the basement of Travers and Wolfe Halls, it will certainly become the place freshmen go for dinner when they don’t feel like facing ice and snow on the walk to Eickhoff. The TDubs burger is a legendary stack of incredible ingredients. Try lettuce, tomato, bacon, hot peppers and ooey gooey cheese, just to name a few. With a tortilla in place of a bun, this meal is heavenly delicious and not in the slightest nutritious.

Get a picture with Roscoe

Our adorable mascot can be spotted all over campus during big events like convocation and homecoming. Next time you see him cheering on our sports teams or walking with prospective students, snap a pic! He’s quite photogenic.

kim's roscoe
(Photo courtesy of TCNJ)

Build snowmen sitting around campus

The first snowfall (and snow day!) of your college career is an exciting experience. Walking out of your building to the world around you covered in untouched snow is equally beautiful and tempting to mess it all up. Something cute students do every year is build snowmen sitting in the adirondack chairs outside of Green Hall. So put on your parka and brave the cold, because these reclining snowmen are sure to put a smile on your peers’ faces.  



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