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Kim’s Declassified: 6 Things You’ll Miss About College When You’re Home For Winter Break

By Kimberly Ilkowski
Review Editor

As we enter December and finals week and drag our bodies over the finish line of this semester all anyone can think about is finally going home. Getting the chance to see relatives and friends and celebrate the holidays is a nice reward after fighting our way through the last few weeks of classes. After a while though, you’ll realize the little things at the College you just can’t get anywhere else.

1) The people on your floor
Will I miss the guy next door to me constantly reciting raps for what’s sure to be a flourishing future music career? Probably not, but that doesn’t mean you don’t have someone right down the hall you’ll miss this winter break. Maybe it’s the girl with total disregard for quiet hours. Perhaps it’s the guys in the room above you that get the sudden and incessant urge to rearrange their bedroom furniture at 2 in the morning. Whoever your quirky neighbors may be — whether they make you laugh or want to cry — you’ll miss the silly shenanigans that take place in your residence hall.

2) The workers
Who will remind me it’s hump day while I’m at home? Who will super-size my order of french fries? Who’s going to countdown the days until the weekend? How any of us will survive without Big Larry, Eve or any of the other great people that work at the College is a mystery. Looks like we’ll have to rely on self motivation until January 25.

3) Meal Equiv
I’ll miss those beautiful 2 ½ hours where anything is possible. Do I want a cheesesteak from the Rat or sushi from the Lion’s Den? There’s only one thing better than food: free food. At home we’re going to have to get used to buying things with actual money. Don’t feel bad if you hand the cashier at Wawa or Quik Chek your student i.d., it happens to the best of us. May our love affair with meal equiv never die.

4) Sports/clubs/organization
If you’re lucky, you’ll find a group of people on campus just as crazy as you are! No matter what sports team, club or organization you’re in, you’re bound to miss them the month you’ll be away. I’m happy to be able to call the editors at The Signal a second family. If me screaming into my pillow after every production night is any indication then, yes, I just CAN’T WAIT to be back next semester. With whatever you may be involved in, enjoy it to the utmost degree and get excited for the fun the spring will hold.

5) Relative independence
It’s going to be strange going back to living under your parents roof and rules. Say goodbye to the judgement free zone of Netflix binge watching in your dorm room. Three episodes in, your mother will probably tell you to get a hobby. And it’s looking like ordering a large pizza for a late night snack isn’t as normal at home as it is at school. So, run, boys and girls, don’t eat your vegetables, relish in the glory of not having to wear pants and do whatever the hell you want to do now before it’s too late.

6) The wifi/communal bathrooms/homework
Oh, wait, wrong list. Disregard number 6.


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