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Lion’s Playlist: Thanksgiving Playlist

By Nicole Ciullo

With Thanksgiving just last week, I am reminded of how there is so much in life to be thankful for. Whether it is the love of family and friends, the privilege of receiving an education, or food and a place to call home, there are endless things to be grateful for. Here is a playlist for Thanksgiving.

You’ve Got a Friend in Me – Randy Newman

Around this time, we should be thankful for our friends, both old and new. They support us through all of the stressful times in life and we often forget to appreciate them. So, call your friends and remind them how much you value them and remember to always be a friend to someone else.

We are Family – Sister Sledge

Perfect for every family reunion, this song really reminds us to value our family members. The song lyrics say that “living life is fun and we’ve just begun, to get our share of the world’s delights.” So celebrate being alive and spending the holidays with your family. We often take advantage of those precious moments we spend with the ones we love.

Time Flies – Porcupine Tree

This song discusses how as we get older, time flies by faster and faster. We need to enjoy things for what they are now and seize the day. Be thankful for what you have now and stop trying to change the past.

Handlebars – Flobots

As individuals, we are given the opportunity to use our natural talents to change the world in either a positive or negative way. The build-up in lyrics in the song show how by starting out with the small and simple things, we are capable of creating something greater than ourselves.

Proud to Be an American – Lee Greenwood

As an American citizen, I am lucky to have my freedom and liberties. Be thankful for the many men and women who are protecting our country each day and are unable to spend the holiday season with their families. Thank you to all of our soldiers and the many men and women who have died to defend our rights.


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