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Local Frontier Airlines cancels flights to US cities

By Gabrielle Beaken
Staff Writer 

Due to lack of demand, Frontier Airlines has cancelled five of its 18 flight destinations from Trenton-Mercer Airport in January, according to the Trenton Times.

Frontier Airlines is a low-cost U.S. airline which prides themselves on their inexpensive tickets. For the Trenton-Mercer Airport’s 85th anniversary, Frontier Airlines offered a one-day-sale of a $22, one-way fare.

The Frontier Airlines is an inexpensive airline for Trenton-area travelers. (AP Photo)
The Frontier Airlines is an inexpensive airline for Trenton-area travelers. (AP Photo)

“We’re thrilled at the embrace our friendly, low-fare service has received in Trenton,” Frontier Airline’s director of corporate communication, Todd Lehmacher, told the Trenton Times.

Ascending its first flight in November of 2012, Trenton-Mercer Airport and Frontier Airlines have had a good relationship that had resulted in economic growth. The Airport still had yet to turn a profit. However, with the introduction of Frontier Airlines, the airport’s revenue led a progressive revenue growth, while the Airport’s deficit was riding a downward trend, the Times reported.

A March article in the Times stated that smaller airlines in the past have “tried and failed to succeed at offering passenger service at Trenton-Mercer.” Frontier Airlines began in November of 2012 at Trenton-Mercer with one flight to Orlando, yet by June of 2013, the Airline encompassed 73 weekly flights serving 17 destinations.

Excitement spread through Mercer County as the airline announced the possibility of flights from Trenton-Mercer to the Bahamas.

Mercer County Executive Brian Hughes, a vocal supporter of the airline, told the Times, “This is more exciting news for the Mercer County region in that for the first time in the history of Trenton-Mercer Airport, a commercial carrier could offer international service with direct flights to an island resort.”

Yet, Trenton-Mercer Airport would have to wait for their historical significance, as Frontier Airlines cancelled plans for flights between the Airport and Bahamas because of a “lack of demand,” according to the Times.

Lehmacher stated that though the airline still desires to eventually plan a flight path to the Bahamas, there is no specific date in mind, according to the article.

The discontinuation of flights pursued in January of 2015, when services to Nashville, St. Louis, Indianapolis, Milwaukee and Cleveland were cancelled.

Lehmacher said that the airline’s relationship with Trenton-Mercer is still new and is therefore unable to analyze “historical route data” that would reveal what flight paths are in demand in Mercer county versus what flight paths are not as popular, according to the Times.

Both Lehmacher and Hughes say that Trenton-Mercer Airport and Frontier Airlines are still in a committed relationship, despite the recent discontinuation of flights.

The more profound presence of Frontier Airlines at Philadelphia International Airport will not impact the Airline’s presence at Trenton-Mercer, senior Vice President Daniel Shurz told the Times.

Hughes reinforced his confidence in the airline as he discussed the County’s proposal for airport renovations, originally discussed in 2012, such as a new passenger terminal.

Yet, despite the recent changes, Trenton-Mercer has not lost their confidence in the airline.

“These guys know how to run an airline,” Hughes told the Times. “I believe they have a bright future in Trenton.”


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