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Kim’s Declassified: Four Ways To Start Spring Semester Right

By Kimberly Ilkowski
Features Editor

Time flies when you’re sleeping until noon everyday. Winter break, in all its frigid and festive glory, has finally come to an end. Whether you finally caught up from those countless all-nighters, or actually put on pants and went outside, it’s now time to get focused and ready for spring semester. Here’s how:

Start with a clean slate

If you want to get the most out of this semester you’re going to have to move on from some of the debacles that took place in the previous months. If you start this semester off with a clean slate you’ll be more open and willing to seize the opportunities on your horizon. So stop giving that girl in Eickhoff the death stare just because one time she stole your wok. Be flattered. You must make an awesome wok. Quit rolling your eyes at the guy that bailed on you for that group project (just kidding I don’t care what semester it is he’s still a jerk). And for crying out loud give your roommate her skirt back, she’s been looking for it for months. Grudges are not a good look and aren’t going to get you anywhere this spring.

A little change in attitude will go a long way. Except with group project guy, screw him man.

Get organized

Learning how to juggle responsibilities can be a real struggle, especially since I missed that day in gym class. Putting aside time for everything you need to get done in a week will seriously help relieve any oh-my-god-did-I-do-that-thing-I-needed-to-do? stress. That even means penciling in time to clean your room. It’s not uncommon for people to completely let themselves go in the height of semester stress. Having a day dedicated to cleaning, laundry and taking care of yourself will give you a fresh and pleasant dorm environment and you finally won’t smell like the take out you ordered two days ago.

Get involved/out more

As we enter February our will to go outside will plummet just as quickly as the temperature. It’s not as easy to socialize with everyone cooped up in their dorms and not hanging out outside. But make that conscious effort to get out and see things anyway. If there’s a fresh snowfall go out with friends and start a snowball fight, take pictures for Instagram, I don’t care (as long as you get 11 likes).

Stick to your goals

If you want to make Dean’s List, remind yourself and stay up the extra hour to study. If you want to be the best in Super Smash Bros., play religiously until you finally show your friends what’s up. It doesn’t matter if your goal this semester is to develop the characteristics of your favorite childhood animal the green sea turtle. Act like the turtle. Feel like the turtle. Be the turtle. Point being, give your goals everything you’ve got and you will succeed. Now go swim along and kick this semester’s ass.


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