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Classic Signals: In 1960 91.3 WTSR gets its start

By Kimberly Ilkowski
Features Editor

Before it was The Signal, the College’s newspaper was called State Signal and was a bi-weekly publication. State Signal subscriptions went for $2.00 a year and single copies were sold for 15 cents. In March of 1960, the paper was only composed of a single page that documented the goings on around campus and the community. Activities available for students at the time included a Sock Hop in the gym, a showing of the film “Gentlemen Prefer Blonds” and a Saturday night semi-formal dance for the cost of just $1.50 per couple.

The March 1960 front cover of the State Signal offers a different layout. (Kimberly Ilkowski / Features Editor)
The March 1960 front cover of the State Signal offers a different layout. (Kimberly Ilkowski / Features Editor)

1960 also saw the emergence of the College radio station 91.3 FM WTSR. Formerly known as W.T.S.C. to stand for Trenton State College radio, their debut was captured on a front page story series that highlighted all the new and exciting aspects of college radio. Contributor William Gayton offered an inside look into one of the radio’s first speciality shows, “The Big Harangue.”

As many of you know, Trenton State College radio station, W.T.S.C., is now on the air. In the February 16, 1960 issue of the Signal, the purpose and personnel of W.T.S.C. was introduced to you. In the forthcoming issues, W.T.S.C. will give you, the students, an insight into the type of programs which will be presented during the remainder of the semester.

If any ardent listener of W.T.S.C. has been listening lately, I’m sure they have heard the familiar strains of The Sophisticated Swing by Jimmy Dorsey, playing over the air. This is a unique theme used by Ernie Rydell, senior English major, in introducing his program, “The Big Harangue.” This interesting show can be heard on Monday at 9:30 to 10:30 and on Friday from 8:30 to 9:30.

“The Big Harangue is a show which offers something for everyone. Ernie, in his cool relaxed manner, makes announcements concerning weather in this area, campus news and has quizzes which offer many unusual and humorous prizes.

The first half-hour of this show is dedicated to different guest stars (individuals or groups). Many of your favorite bands and instrumental and singing groups can be heard.

For those who prefer show tunes or some particulr style of music, Ernie devotes the second half-hour of his show. Here are heard jazz, dixie, and Broadway hit show tunes which appeal to everyone.

With his own intimate style, Ernie Rydell is quite capable of handling a show of this caliber. With his cheerful personality, timely quips and interesting highlights, Ernie is able to bring to you, the students of Trenton State College, a show worth listening to. Tune in his next show and see for yourself.



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