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From the Roberts: Comfy Winter Basics

By Raquel Roberts and Samantha Roberts

roberts1In the dead of winter, fashion laziness is at an all-time high. Who really wants to get all dolled up, just to freeze on the walk to class? (Definitely not us, that’s for sure) Luckily, over-sized clothing and comfy basics are what’s in during the winter fashion season. No worries, you don’t have to sacrifice your comfort or warmth in order to keep trendy.
We caught TCNJ junior and communications major, Cat Castaldo, rockin’ her comfy winter style on her way to class. Cat paired a white, over-sized wool sweater with a pair of classic black skinny jeans. For a little edge, Cat added a black choker that was created by Little Words Project, a company founded by a TCNJ alumna. Looking classic and effortless all in one, Cat described her outfit as, “one of my absolute go-to’s.” She added that, “Anyone could easily wear two simple pieces like these and be comfortable yet look completely put together. This took minimal effort!” And we completely agree.

Below we have created a winter-basics outfit of our own that mocks Cat’s comfy ensemble.

While black skinny jeans are a staple in any wardrobe, we decided to change things up by opting for a pair of distressed ones instead. Similar to Cat’s over-sized wool sweater, we selected this textured-knit from H&M. This cream colored sweater is another winter go-to; you can dress it up, layer it, or rock it plain and simple, as Cat did. To add a little edge, we finished off this simple outfit by adding a Little Words Project choker, as Cat did. Our LWP choker of choice? Luck. Here’s to hoping that we all have a little luck with having a short and painless winter season. We’re ready for spring’s warmth!!
Until Next Time,
From the Roberts


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