September 30, 2020

IGC violates three SFB policies, loses most of its funding

By Jonathan Edmondson
Arts & Entertainment Editor

The Student Finance Board meeting on Wednesday, Feb. 18, included a special hearing with the Inter-Greek Council, which violated SFB policy multiple times in conjunction with TCNJam, an event that took place Saturday, Jan. 31.

The board allocates funds for this year’s Ratfest (Kim Iannaorone/ Staff Photographer)
The board allocates funds for this year’s Ratfest (Kim Iannaorone/ Staff Photographer)

The IGC was charged with three violations in the following areas — charity, food and advertising. According to the board, fundraising money was collected at the event. SFB policy states that SFB-funded events are not allowed to collect money for a fundraiser at the event — only beforehand. Instead, the event was supposed to be a celebration that raised awareness of childhood cancer.
Additionally, pizza was used to draw attendees, and “SAF Funded” was not put on advertisements. Ultimately, the board ruled to deactivate IGC for the remainder of the semester (except for the use of copying and fundraising), in addition to charging them a $3,000 fine for policy violations.
The meeting also featured normal special appropriation requests, which began with a proposal from the Class of 2016 for “TCNJ’s Got Talent.” As stated in its application, the purpose of the event is “to showcase the talents of TCNJ students.” This event has been organized for the past five years, and the council hopes this year will continue to develop it into a “legacy event.”
The event was allocated funds of $1,316 and is scheduled to take place on Wednesday, March 11, in Kendall Hall.
The College Union Board proposed next for “Ratfest ’15,” an outdoor spring concert to commemorate the Rathskeller (which will close at the end of the semester as the Brower Student Center undergoes renovations) with a farewell concert. Headlining options include Mayday Parade and Jukebox the Ghost, while the list of openers includes Modern Baseball, Surfer Blood and The Menzingers.
The event, which is scheduled to take place on Saturday, April 19, was allocated funds of $28,305.
CUB also proposed for their Solo Circus event, which will include a circus-like performance by Michael DuBois and Viktoria Grimmy. Scheduled for Thursday, March 12, in the Student Center, the event was allocated funds of $7,695.
The meeting also included multiple cultural organizations proposing for events, the first of which was Union Latina for “Platanos and Collard Greens y Callaloo.” According to their proposal, the event is a “hip-hop theater play” that aims to educate the student body about prominent issues within the Latino and Black Community. The event, which is schedule to take place on Wednesday, March 4, in the Don Evans Black Box Theater, was allocated funds of $6,628.

The Eurasia/Middle East Society (EME) also proposed for “Nowruz: Celebration of the Persian New Year.” According to their proposal, the celebration “aims to introduce students to an important holiday that is celebrated throughout the Middle East, Eurasia and Southeast Asia,” and to “bring important elements of Persian culture to the campus community through music, food, dance, etc.” The event, which is scheduled to take place on Monday, March 23, in the Education Building, was allocated funds of $4,965.
Next, The Asian American Association proposed for their annual “Mystique of The East” event, which includes multiple performances from various Asian clubs on campus. The event, which will be free for everyone this year and is scheduled to take place on Saturday, March 11, in Kendall Hall, was allocated funds of $4,430.

Finally, MEDLIFE (Medicine, Education and Development for Low Income Families Everywhere) presented for an event entitled “A Taste of South America.” According to their application, the event will involve “traditional South American Food, with a specialization of Peruvian food, which will provide students the opportunity to be subjected to the foods of a different culture than their own.”
The event, which is scheduled to take place on Tuesday, April 2, in the Lions Den, was allocated funds of $2,482.50.

*Even though SFB agrees to finance certain events, there is no guarantee these events will take place. The approval only makes the funds available.

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