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Juana help me into my car?

By Colleen Murphy
News Editor

  • On Tuesday, March 17, at 1:30 p.m., Campus Police observed a male trying to get into his Chevy Impala by using an un-wrapped, white-wire clothes hanger. The man told police that he had locked his keys inside the car and was waiting for a tow truck to arrive. When the truck arrived to Lot 16 and the car door was opened, there was an immediate odor of marijuana detected from inside the vehicle, according to Campus Police. When asked if he knew anything about the smell, the man said there was one blunt in the ash tray. He gave the half-smoked blunt to the officers and was placed under arrest.
  • Campus Police discovered more graffiti on the fourth level of Lot 11 on Sunday, March 8. At 5:30 p.m., officers found a purple stick figure with a silver bowtie painted on its head. Upon further inspection, two more silver circles with dots in the middle of each of them were found in the same area. A request was made to the College’s Facilities Paint Shop to cover the markings, according to Campus Police.
  • On Wednesday, March 11, a male who matched the description of the person of interest in the recent thefts at Packer Hall was seen entering the rear of the Recreation Center without having signed in, according to Campus Police. At 4:45 p.m., police saw him playing basketball, and when asked if he had an I.D., the male said he did not. He told Campus Police that a friend had let him into the building. When Campus Police asked for the friend’s name, they conducted a search in the College’s database of the student’s alleged name but found no results. The male said he was not a student of the College and was visiting his brother. Using the name that the male provided, Campus Police could not find the brother in the database, either. The male was then placed under arrest for criminal trespassing and obstruction of the administration of the law for giving false names.
  • A Microsoft Surface Pro2 computer was reported missing after a student left it at The Rathskeller on Friday, March 13, between 8 p.m. and 9 p.m. Upon arriving home from the eatery, the student realized the computer was missing and returned to the Student Center to look for it. The student went to the Information Desk and The Rathskeller several times asking of its whereabouts before reporting it missing to police on Wednesday, March 25. The computer is valued at $450, its gray keyboard priced at $120 and a black, soft case valued at $20, according to Campus Police.
  • A golf cart belonging to the College was found on Ewingville Road by a resident of Ewing Township on Thursday, March 12, according to Campus Police. A fork was jammed in the ignition, turned to the ‘on’ position and left in neutral. Campus Police advised the Director of Operations for Sodexo Services of the theft. The property damage is valued at $5,000, according to Campus Police.
Colleen Murphy


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