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Campus Style: Spring onto the runway

By Heather Hawkes

This spring is all about creating elongated shapes with select textures and fabrics. This Calvin Klein 2015 spring runway look is the perfect example of using clothing to create new shapes. This seamless blend of elegance and minimalism has dominated the Spring 2015 fashion scene across the globe. Calvin Klein has reestablished its runway presence by creating long, elegant silhouettes with neutral sheer fabrics and silks. Though this is a high-end look, it can easily be recreated on a low budget with minimal effort — all you need is the right guidance.

This Asos ‘One Fashion by Vera Moda Gingham Print Pencil Skirt’  is only $16 online and has the perfect shape and fabric to recreate Calvin Klein’s runway look. It is a very simple shape with a minimalistic structure that lies right below the knee, making it more wearable.

This elongated ‘Project Social T Double V Cami’  from Urban Outfitters is only $29 and pairs perfectly with the Asos skirt to mimic the featured runway look with a more casual and cool vibe.

The key to recreating runway styles is to make sure that your materials and shapes flow seamlessly into one another. For this particular ensemble, you want to keep the skirt light and simple, not bulky and texturized. This allows the sheer top to flow elegantly over the skirt, creating that sophisticated and elongated shape. To complete the look, wear a sleek, pulled-back hairstyle and slip on a pair of neutral sandals or heels.


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