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Next stop: South Africa

By Ellie Schuckman
News Editor

Starting this school year, the College has added to its winter study abroad opportunities with a new destination — South Africa.

The three-week excursion, set to take place from Saturday, Jan. 2, to Friday, Jan. 22, is poised to enlighten students about the history of apartheid in South Africa, while examining how the tribulations have since impacted the nation.

“We hope that students will get a sense of the major issues in South Africa’s history, in particular race, ethnicity, gender and the experience of colonization,” said Matthew Bender, an associate professor of history and one of the two directors of the International Studies Program. “By seeing how these issues have affected South Africans, students will get a fresh sense of how these affect their own lives back at home.”

The interdisciplinary course will focus on the literature, history and culture of South Africa through readings, such as short stories and novels written during the apartheid period. Students will first spend nine nights in Johannesburg, the largest city in South Africa, before traveling to Cape Town for 10 nights.

“In addition to studying the history of apartheid, students will also get to meet and interact with South Africans, experience and come to appreciate a foreign culture and visit some beautiful natural environments like the Cape of Good Hope and Boulders Beach,” said Assistant Professor of English Mindi McMann, director of the program alongside Bender.

Students attending the winter session will have the opportunity to visit the Cape of Good Hope.
Students attending the winter session will have the opportunity to visit the Cape of Good Hope.

The program costs $5,514.08, including the $150 application fee, tuition for four credits, land travel arrangements and insurance. The cost does not include airfare, most lunches and dinners, personal expenses and gratuities. Students may go to Student Financial Assistance to discuss their options for aid for the winter program.

The trip is expected to be capped at around 20 students, according to Jon Stauff, senior international officer and director, and those interested can fill out an application on the College’s website by Thursday, Oct. 1.

“This is a unique opportunity for an interdisciplinary exploration of the South African experience in the 20th century and its impact on the present,” Stauff said.

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