Monday, August 2, 2021

Campus Style

By Jillian Greene

Labor Day — the bittersweet, barbecuing, ’Murica-loving excuse for a day off from work. This holiday means more than just relaxing underneath the blue sky and soaking up the last of the sun’s warm rays. It represents the societal ritual of reluctantly putting away your favorite bathing suits, parting ways with the perfect beach weather and, sadly, realizing that reality (for us college students) is about to set in. As we say goodbye to summer, we also say goodbye to our freedom — freedom from our responsibilities as students. That being said, fall comes with many limits.

Be like Kim K. and don’t be afraid to wear white after Labor Day. (AP Photo)
Be like Kim K. and don’t be afraid to wear white after Labor Day. (AP Photo)

No white after Labor Day — it’s the age-old fashion rule that has been engrained in society, specifically women, for centuries. Being seen in white after this day is a big faux pas in the fashion world. But why? Why can’t I rock my sparkling white Nikes just because the leaves are turning from green to red? And who’s going to judge me? Who knows of this rule? Sometimes I think just because I know of the rule, everyone does… but do they? And if they do, I wonder if they really care.

Whites are essential to a wardrobe. It’s a classic and neutral color. In my opinion, it’s wrong for one to completely abandon white in the fashion sense. As seasons change, so does the color white. In the  heat of summertime, a simple white tank top goes a long way. However, during the wintertime I can also tie my whole outfit together with a pure white scarf and boot warmers. So whatever the reason is why we as a society need to pack away our white clothing, shoes or accessories after Labor Day is irrelevant. Spring, summer, fall or winter, white will remain a consistent staple in my fashion world, as it should.


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