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WTSR New Noise: The Color Atlantic & Young Empires

WTSR New NoiseThis week, Nick Landolfi, WTSR assistant music director, highlights some of the best new albums that the College’s own radio station, 91.3 FM WTSR, puts into its weekly rotation.

ColorBand: The Color Atlantic
Album: “The Color Atlantic”
Hailing From: Philadelphia, Pa.
Genre: Alternative Fusion Rock
Label: Self-released

The Color Atlantic is a new band from Philly made up of students from Drexel University who are really pushing the envelope with their sound. They make an almost orchestral arrangement with just bass, guitar, drums and keyboards. This EP crisscrosses genres on every song with their refreshing and impressive brand of rock ‘n’ roll. With an almost throwback rock sound, they play with your expectations and surprise you at every turn. “The Vines and Ivy Gates” and “Shut Me Up” boast a pumped up and exciting rock sound, dripping with blues but with a modern twist. “Summer” is a more lighthearted classic rock song that grooves. The final song on the EP “Say Nothing” is a rock ballad from space that has a lot of palpable emotions. Overall, they have a sound I have not heard before.

Must Hear: “The Vines and Ivy Gates,” “Summer,” “Shut Me Up” and “Say Nothing”

youngempiresBand: Young Empires
Album: “The Gates”
Hailing From: Toronto, Canada
Genre: Electro Soul, R&B
Label: Votiv

This Toronto-based trio fronts their first LP, “The Gates,” which boasts a much more mature sound than their previous work. While their first EP had a cheery, dance pop feel, this album takes a different turn. They’ve replaced dance pop with a more electro-R&B feel and it works very well. They do a lot of cool instrumentals  and even experiment a little on this album, painting a close picture to  famous acts like Disclosure and Chet Faker. This album really shows off the full skill of the group and has a complete and cohesive sound. Their lyrics also experiment a little bit more. You’ll find the usual songs about love and loss but with added vocals touching on loneliness and the struggles of life that deliver an ultimately optimistic message.

Must Hear: “The Gates,” “So Cruel,” “Ghosts” and “Strangehold”


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