Thursday, August 5, 2021

Campus Style

By Jordan Koziol

Name: Lauren Hill

Year: Senior

 Major: Management and Psychology

Hill shows off her personal style. (Photo courtesy of Jordan Koziol)
Hill shows off her personal style. (Photo courtesy of Jordan Koziol)

JK: Tell us a little about what you’re wearing today.

LH: Black sandals from Asos, a jean skirt from Topshop and a plaid T-shirt from Forever 21.

JK: How would you describe your personal style?

LH: My style is super eclectic. One day I’ll be wearing a bohemian dress and the next I’ll be wearing an oversized oxford shirt with tight black jeans.

JK: Who or what has shaped your personal style?

LH: Definitely my mom. Ever since I was young, my mom dressed me up. I was an infant wearing huge bows with sequins on them, so I feel like I need to carry the “dressing up” part on. I feel guilty wearing sweatpants to class because I feel like my mom would be so upset!

JK: Post-college, how do you think your style will change?

LH: I actually think my style will be a little more wild. Here in the realm of the College, I feel restricted. You can’t go to class wearing a floppy hat or try out some of the more out-there trends, so post college I hope to wear whatever I want whenever I want.

JK: What are your favorite stores or brands?

LH: Urban Outfitters, Zara, Free People and random boutiques online.

JK: What piece of clothing can you “make” an outfit with?

LH: I would say lipstick. I always go for a statement lip. It can really change up an outfit to make it more summery, more night-time or more classic.

JK: If you could transport yourself back in time, which “style decade” would you choose to live in?

LH: Definitely the 1700s, the fashion from that time is why I love history. I love the huge skirts and the decadence.

JK: Who is your ultimate style crush?

LH: Kylie Jenner has had really cool style lately. She’s mixing street style with high fashion which is really unique.

JK: What is one trend that you cannot stand?

LH: Toe-less booties. I feel like you have to decide between sandals or boots. It doesn’t make sense — you have to pick a season!

JK: What is your favorite trend right now?

LH: I really like denim on denim. I love wearing jeans with a concert t-shirt layered under a jean shirt, it’s such an easy, cool look.

JK: What will you be wearing this fall?

LH: Probably my dad’s flannels. I really love oversized flannels and I don’t see the point in going to Urban Outfitters and spending a crazy amount when you can get the same one from Walmart for half the price.


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