Monday, August 2, 2021

Campus Style

By Jordan Koziol

Name: Andrew Goodman

Year: Junior

Major: Economics

Pastels make Goodman smile. (Photo courtesy of Jordan Koziol)
Pastels make Goodman smile. (Photo courtesy of Jordan Koziol)

This week, Campus Style caught up with stylish economics major Andrew Goodman. We talked Tom Ford, man buns and Brad Pitt…

JK: What are you wearing?

AG: A J. Crew T-shirt, mint-striped Brooks Brothers shorts and Sperrys.

JK: How would you describe your style?

AG: Pastel and preppy.

JK: How would your friends describe your style?

AG: “Frat star.”

JK: When did your mom stop picking out your clothes?

AG: Not until my spring semester freshman year.

JK: Do you do any online shopping?

AG: I’ll see a shirt I like in a store at the mall and then search for it on eBay. Most of the time the brand new version will be online for half the price.

JK: What are you favorite stores?

AG: J. Crew, Brooks Brothers and Ralph Lauren.

JK: Do you have a favorite item of clothing or accessory?

AG: Yes, a Polo quarter zip.

JK: Tell me about the suit you would wear if you were modeling for GQ.

AG: A tailored Tom Ford light blue seersucker suit with a light gray tie.

JK: What is your go-to on-campus ensemble?

AG: For fall, it’s a Ralph Lauren Polo layered under an Ralph Lauren quarter zip, J. Crew slim-fit jeans with a Ty-Honey roll (rolled at the ankle) and Clark’s suede shoes.

JK: What would you never wear?

AG: Cargo shorts or short-sleeve button downs.

JK: What are you least excited about wearing for the professional workplace?

AG: Nothing. I love wearing ties.

JK: Do you use any style inspiration when getting a haircut?

AG: Brad Pitt in the movie “Fury.”

JK: What is your opinion on man buns?

AG: It’s a bold move that I couldn’t pull off, but I respect.

JK: Do you think girls are attracted to man buns?

AG: 100 percent.

JK: Tell us about a major fashion disaster you’ve had.

AG: I used to wear white basketball shorts, white tube socks and New Balance sneakers.

JK: How do you plan on executing dad-fashion some day?

AG: Crew neck sweaters, Gap jeans (because at that point it doesn’t matter, they’re just jeans) and Timberlands.


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