Sunday, July 25, 2021

Campus Style

By Patricia Wilcox

Silver jewelry can accentuate your skin tone. (AP Photo)
Silver jewelry can accentuate your skin tone. (AP Photo)

As often as silver and gold may be paired together, I highly recommend you make a choice between the two metals while accessorizing. To get it right every time, use this trick:

Turn over your wrists and look at your veins. They will either be green, blue or some sort of combination of the two. (If they are anything different I would consult a doctor before executing the next step.)

Healthy? OK, now determine the color of your veins. If they are green, that means that your skin has a more golden tint to it and that you fall under a “warm” skin type. Go gold!

If your veins are blue, that means your skin picks up rosier undertones and you have a cooler complexion that is more complemented by silver.

If you have a combination of both green and blue veins (like me), that means you have a neutral skin tone, and whichever metal you choose to accessorize with, will complement your outfit.

When trying to decide on an outfit, if you choose to wear coffee browns or olive greens — any earth tone, really — gold accessories will really highlight those fall colors. Blues and purples are the complementary colors to yellow and orange — gold hues — so I recommend gold accessories there, too.

For bold colors, go silver. Silver will not distract from your bold choices, but rather enhance them. Pastels, such as your delicate Tiffany blues and lighter colors, will also be worn very well with silver accessories.

The next time you find yourself torn between your favorite gold statement necklace or that trendy silver cuff, use this trick and you’ll always be on top of your complementary fashion game. And on top of that, you’ll probably receive lots of compliments!


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