Thursday, August 5, 2021
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For the Love of Learning: I Wonder

By Brianna Dioses
Every morning I put on my name tag, I feel like I’m living the dream and I wonder.

I wonder if every child who gets ready for school feels like their life is a fairytale.
I wonder if while they put their backpacks on they feel like they could slay dragons.
I wonder if when they walk to their bus stop and stand in the cold they feel the rush once the bus finally comes around the corner.
I wonder if they feel the excitement as they take their backpacks off and put their folders away.
I wonder if they feel happy as they walk to their seats and do their “morning explorations” in anticipation of morning meeting.
I wonder if they feel like Neville Longbottom did when he defeated
Nagini every time they answer a question right.
I wonder if, when they present in front of the class, they feel like Taylor Swift does at every concert.
I wonder if their teachers make them feel like that.
I wonder if I will.
Brianna is a sophomore Early Childhood Urban Education and Women’s and Gender Studies double major. 


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