Saturday, July 24, 2021

Campus Style

By Jordan Koziol

Long before goth and grunge styles entered the scene, witches have been perfecting the execution of black-on-black ensembles. Whether it’s glamorous, earthy or ethereal, their iconic look conveys both mystery and mortality. Halloween may be over, but fall fashion is in full brew. You don’t need magic to make a grand entrance, so try stealing tips from these stylish sorceresses.

The Everyday Enchantress: For on campus or out-and-about, choose a dark boho influence for a modern-day twist on the witch’s look. Try a loose black dress with bell sleeves and pair it with thigh-high socks and booties. Layer up on delicate silver necklaces to complement this bewitching ensemble.

Emma Roberts inspires witchy looks. (AP Photo)
Emma Roberts inspires witchy looks. (AP Photo)

The Madison Montgomery: Emma Roberts stars as one of the most stylish witches yet in “American Horror Story: Coven.” If you’ve seen the show, you’re probably aware of her legendary wardrobe. Try her look with the very au courant lace-up long-sleeved shirt and pair it with a black skirt or jeans and leather boots. A fur jacket or vest is encouraged.

The White Witch: If you prefer to leave your cauldron at home, borrow aesthetic from the witch who practices magic for unselfish purposes. Known as a “wise woman,” her paranormal vibe is in touch with nature. Channel Stevie Nicks with any combination of the following: fringe, velvet, blanket coats, wide-legged pants, chiffon and satin. Take a break from black and experiment with earth-toned shades.

The Wednesday Addams: Her favorite hobby is raising spiders and she’s also a ballerina… how cool is that? Steal Wednesday’s classic look with a collared shift dress, sheer tights and black combat boots (bonus points for braids). After all, she said it best, “I’ll stop wearing black when they invent a darker color.”

Erring on the side of caution? Not to worry. Opt instead for a bewitching accessory: an over-sized wool scarf, a dramatic cape or shawl, a wide-brimmed fedora or crystal-pendant necklaces.

So this fall, don’t be a basic witch. Give your vest/UGG combo the day off and go for a sorceress-inspired look. No incantations required.


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