Thursday, July 29, 2021

Campus Style

By Jillian Greene

Wherever you are, stop and look around. From Campus Town to Decker Hall, students are dressed in some contradictory get-ups. I can personally guarantee that within 100 feet you will see at least one person wearing shorts and a T-shirt, one person wearing a light sweater with jeans and one person in a full-blown winter jacket — the puffy ones. Am I right?

Jenner models fall-winter apparel. (AP Photo)
Jenner models fall-winter apparel. (AP Photo)

Let me remind you, although you may not realize it due to how fast this semester is flying by, it is November. November — the month where all of the green leaves have been replaced with red leaves and (usually) boots have taken over for flip flops.

Ha! Just kidding.

Mother Nature seems to be playing a joke on all of us with her fickle behavior. I, along with many other students on this campus, am now regretting bringing my summer clothes home over fall break back in October.

Don’t get me wrong — I love the warm weather. However, not during the months where I’m used to bundling up. Obviously, Mother Nature has it backward — it’s The College of New Jersey, not The College of California. But I think I’ve figured her out, so here’s my advice to you:

If you have classes in the dreadful early hours of the morning (8 a.m.’s), dress like it’s winter. I suggest long pants and a jacket. By the time you get out of your 8 a.m. class, it will most likely start to warm up, and by noon it’ll feel like springtime, so you should ditch the jacket. Be careful, though, because before you know it, winter will roll in again around 6 p.m. Maybe I shouldn’t have told you to ditch the jacket after all.


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