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SG working to extend dining hall and library hours

By Alyssa Sanford
Web Editor

A bill that strives to hold general members of Student Government “more accountable” passed during the general body meeting on Wednesday, Nov. 4.

According to Vice President Javier Nicasio, the bill is essential as “some students can’t be general members because they don’t have time” for general body meetings, and others can’t attend committee meetings due to internships and other outside obligations.

“It’s hard to assign workload,” Nicasio said, given that some committees have “three members, while some have 10.”

The bill, known as B-F2015-06, would require general members to earn “six positive points per semester,” Vice President of Governmental Affairs Ceili Boles said.

Members who don’t earn the six points through going to events, working events or tablesitting will face the possibility of losing their status as a general member.

General body members moved to vote on the bill after quickly suspending debate. Ultimately, the bill passed.

Next, Nicasio discussed some “exciting news” for updating the Loop Bus service on campus.

According to Nicasio, SG conducted a student survey last year to evaluate the effectiveness of the service.

“As many of you might think, it might not be as effective” as it should be, Nicasio said.

Nicasio is part of a committee that is “playing around with a lot of cool ideas” for improving the service in the future.

Following Nicasio’s report, Vice President of Finance Tyler Holzer spoke about the Metzger Loop closure.

The Metzger Loop committee, which will work with members of the College’s administration to create a new path around campus for joggers and bikers to safely use, will hold its first meeting on Tuesday, Nov. 10, according to Holzer.

Holzer also mentioned a Student Finance Board (SFB) forum scheduled for Wednesday, Nov. 11, at 3:30 p.m. It is open to all students.

“If anyone has problems or complaints with the Student Finance Board, you can go to that and you can talk to them and tell them what you think,” Holzer said. “They’ll consider your changes.”

Nicasio said any emails regarding issues that students might send for consideration at the forum to SFB’s advisor, Ceceilia O’Callaghan, will be anonymous.

Next, Dana Disarno, vice president of Academic Affairs, thanked SG members for their involvement in the Tuesday, Nov. 3 “Registration 101” event.

“The Records and Registration office was really pleased with the turnout because it (has) been low in previous years,” Disarno said.
Boles advertised Governmental Affairs’ (GA) next live screening of the presidential debates, which will be held on Saturday, Nov. 14 in the Social Sciences building, room 103.

Parliamentarian Ken Rubin also spoke on behalf of GA, reminding members of the committee’s voter registration events on campus this month.

On Friday, Nov. 6, GA gave out cupcakes in Eickhoff Hall to students who registered to vote.

Next, Brittany Angiolini, vice president of Community Relations, said that SFB funded “TCNJ Holiday,” an event annually sponsored by the College Union Board, SG and SFB, for “over $23,000.”

Student Trustee Kevin Kim then talked about lobbying efforts on campus. Students have been surveying their peers about the extension of weekend hours at Eickhoff Dining Hall, the fitness center and the library this past week, and around 400 surveys have been collected.

“We’re going to be pushing hard for Health Services,” Kim added, explaining that the absence of weekend hours at Health Services is a problem that needs to be addressed.

Elizabeth Bapasola, SG’s advisor, announced that some consultants will be visiting the College over the next few weeks. Notably, three consultants will come for a “review of fraternity and sorority life,” and both affiliated and unaffiliated students are encouraged to meet with the consultants.

Class councils gave their reports next.

Senior class President Emily Montagna announced the first “Real Life” series event, keeping with a senior class tradition. Seniors are invited to enroll in a cooking class that will teach them how to prepare a holiday meal, which is a great skill to have in the real world, according to Montagna.

Montagna also announced the next Senior Night will be held at Havana Restaurant and Bar in New Hope, Pa., on Tuesday, Nov. 17.
Junior class President Robert Kinloch announced that the class’s bus trip to Philadelphia was fully funded by SFB.

“If you’re a junior, now you know what you’re doing on (Saturday,) Nov. 21,” Kinloch said.

Kelsey Capestro, sophomore class president, said that the class is “still selling tickets for the moonlight cruise,” which will be along the Delaware River on Saturday, Nov. 21. Tickets are $12 apiece.

“We sold about 115 of the spots,” said Capestro, who announced that about 30 spots are still open to sophomores.

The class will also hold its educational event on Wednesday, Nov. 11, from 6:30 p.m. to 7:30 p.m., which will feature panelists from different companies and offer students of all classes advice on how to land interviews and internships.

The freshman class council is still selling tickets at $15 apiece to its semi-formal, which is on Friday, Nov. 20 at Cedar Gardens Banquet.


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