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Campus Style: Athleisure

By Jordan Koziol

Lazy girls, rejoice. We can finally kiss sweatpants goodbye in lieu of a trend that is just as comfortable, yet a million times more chic than its mediocre competitor. Say hello to athleisure, the art of wearing stylish gym ensembles for everyday occasions.

One part Sporty Spice, one part city slicker, this look is just as appropriate for strutting around campus as it is for running on the treadmill. In the midst of this bizarre winter, have fun layering these pieces for a sleek, modern take on the comfy campus outfit. See below for some great starter pieces to create a kick-butt (or kick-box) outfit.

The workout pants: Cropped or floor-length, black or two-toned, the options are endless. A thrifty tip: check eBay or Marshall’s before heading to a retailer. You can often find brand-name pairs for a fraction of the price. Check out the following: Adidas Originals trefoil leggings, Nike Element thermal dri-fit running tights or American Apparel two-toned yoga pants.

The sneaker that’s almost too cool to work out in: If you’ve been on Instagram or Pinterest lately, you’ve probably seen the influx of Kanye West’s Yeezy Boost 350s. Skip the $1,000 tab and try one of the following: Nike Roshe Runs, Nike Theas (a monochrome leather sneaker, how cool?) or Michael Jordan Eclipses. The MJ sneakers are actually boys’ shoes, but a quick glance at a size conversion chart will be well worth the style (and savings)!

The athletic layers: For the finishing touch, layer the top half. Pair a men’s Champion crewneck sweatshirt, a Nike jumper sweatshirt or a sporty quarter-zip under a textured wool, large-lapel trench coat in black or gray. For extra insulation, bundle up in an earth-toned blanket scarf. 

Inspired? One quick “athleisure” query will render an entire collection of these outfits, worn by models Gigi Hadid and Kendall Jenner. Add a stylish, city-chic vibe to your favorite athletic look (skier, ballerina, runner, yogi) and go! Who knows — you might just find yourself wandering to the Campus Town Gym!

The style is also great for workouts. (AP photo)
The style is also great for workouts. (AP photo)


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