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Spring Career Fair opens job opportunities for students

By Kevin Walsh Jr.                                                                                   Correspondent

The College’s Student Recreation Center was full of life on Friday, Feb. 26, as the biannual Career Fair swept through and attracted a large number of students looking for career, internship and networking opportunities.

Dressed business casual from head to toe, students in attendance were able to speak with representatives from various businesses around the area, expressing interest in possibly working for their companies.

“There are a lot of companies here that really offer a diversified number of options for every major,” freshman finance major Jonathan Kane said.

Different businesses at the Career Fair, which ran from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m., each had tables set up with their company’s name, logo and information packets describing the different internships and career options they each had to offer.

Among the slew of companies in attendance were New Jersey 101.5, Target, MetLife, Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, Ferguson Enterprises, Johnson & Johnson and New Jersey Manufacturers.

This “great networking opportunity,” as junior civil engineering major Nicholas Ng said, includes businesses that suit every major.

Upon entering the Career Fair, representatives from the Career Center had students show their student ID’s and sign in, ensuring that there were no non-College attendees trying to take advantage of the different business opportunities reserved for the College’s students.

Considering the variety of businesses that showed interest in recruiting students from the College, it was not too difficult for those in attendance to find a particular company that they were heavily interested in.

“There are a lot of businesses here and I found about five or six that really interest me,” senior marketing major Kevin Carmelengo said.


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