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‘Fuller House’ makes its debut

By Danielle Silvia

It’s been 29 years since families across America first sat down to watch the Tanner family experience the trials and tribulations of growing up. One of television’s favorite families is back in a reboot called “Fuller House,” which premiered all 13 episodes of Season 1 on Netflix on Friday, Feb. 26.

Twenty-one years after the show’s end, “Fuller House” documents the beloved Tanner family and friends moving in new directions. Danny is now remarried and a grandfather to his daughter DJ’s three adorable sons. Stephanie is a popular disc jockey traveling the world and Kimmy Gibbler, the classic girl-next-door, has recently separated from her husband and has a young daughter, Ramona, who is very similar to her. Family favorites Uncle Jesse and Aunt Becky also make an appearance (and if I do say so myself, John Stamos seriously does not age!) with their grown twins, who all plan to travel California. And, of course, Uncle Joey also shows up — still hilarious and continuing to always be there for the family.

DJ, Stephanie and Kimmy are back in ‘Fuller.’ (AP Photo)
DJ, Stephanie and Kimmy are back in ‘Fuller.’ (AP Photo)

Sadly, most of the adults made an exit after the pilot episode and only make appearances as guest stars here and there. The show stars the original children in parallel roles from “Full House.” DJ is a single mother after her husband, a firefighter, recently passed away on the job. Her three boys are the same ages as she and her sisters were in the original series, with the boys sharing a bedroom, just as DJ and Stephanie did. The baby playing DJ’s youngest son is played by twin actors, just as Michelle Tanner was portrayed by both Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen. In “Full House,” there were three male adults leading the household and now, in this spin-off series, there are the three lead women — DJ, Stephanie and Kimmy.

But even with the majority of the old cast returning, there were two members who did not. The Olsen twins did not reprise their role as Michelle. I was upset to learn about the character’s absence, since some of my favorite memories from “Full House” are of Michelle and her hilarious catchphrases.

The rest of the show, however, does hold up. The Tanner home still looks the same, just updated. The floor plan and structure of their home resembles that of the old San Fransisco house that held so many memories. The kitchen looks the same in size, except it is redone and a bit fancier. The living room has the same familiar layout, but now it includes a modern television and new couches. The set has definitely been revamped for the reboot.

Now for the big question: Does the series live up to its expectations? In my opinion, there will never be anything quite like “Full House,” especially with the shifting of the characters. Although nothing can compare to the original series, the acting is funny and the plot lines are set up well, which is propelling for the reboot. Personally, I hope that “Fuller House” continues to deliver humor and entertaining storylines as the show continues. For now, we can enjoy watching the Tanner family work through all its mishaps in the modern, updated “Fuller House.”


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