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Campus Style: Sandra Eisen

By Jordan Koziol

Name: Sandra Eisen
Year: Junior
Major: Psychology

Eisen prefers a classic fashion style that gives her confidence. (Photo Courtesy of Jordan Koziol)
Eisen prefers a classic fashion style that gives her confidence. (Photo Courtesy of Jordan Koziol)

JK: Tell us about what you’re wearing right now.
SE: I’m wearing tweed flats from Lucky Brand, a cognac suede skirt from Macy’s and a beige blouse from Joie.

JK: Describe your style in three words.
SE: Classic, inspired and evolving.

JK: Who’s your fashion icon?
SE: My mom is definitely my fashion icon. Growing up, she consistently taught me the value of wearing clothing that is aesthetically pleasing, but that also makes me feel confident in my own skin. She would always encourage me to take fashion risks and think outside the box when it comes to mixing textures and colors.

JK: How do you stay up to date with the most recent styles?
SE: I love Nylon magazine because the people are always so edgy and well-styled. I read it every month and flag any pages by which I’m inspired. I’m also obsessed with all things Free People. I follow their Instagram and look at their catalogue to keep up to date with how they style everything.

JK: What do you enjoy most about creating stylish ensembles?
SE: I love the fact that I’m able to express my personality and my emotions through my outfits. I have this textured black denim jacket that looks like leather, and whenever I wear it I feel edgy and like I can conquer anything. My clothing gives me confidence.

JK: What kind of clothing items do you splurge on?
SE: I splurge way too often on booties and boots. I think they make any outfit look far more put together.

JK: What’s one trend that you will  never understand?
SE: I will never understand heeled sneakers – they’re neither aesthetically pleasing nor functional. They’re practically useless.

JK: What are three things in your closet right now that you could never imagine getting rid of?
SE: I could never get rid of my black leather heeled booties, cat eye sunglasses and my gold evil eye necklace that I wear every day.


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