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Campus Style: Go to outfit for finals week

By Jillian Greene

As the end of the semester approaches, students are struggling to find time to do just about anything, let alone time to find a cute outfit. The Library is getting increasingly crowded as students stress to finish group projects, write final papers, submit late assignments and begin studying for finals.

How can we possibly pull it off? I ask myself this at the end of every semester, yet I still don’t have an answer. I don’t think anybody does. Stress is at an all-time high among students. This stress can affect many things, such as our eating habits, sleep schedule, overall health and, more importantly, our outfit choices.

I’m seeing an increase in students on campus dressed in their pajamas. This leads me to assume that they have been studying all night and were too tired to pick out an outfit. Of course, I am not saying there is anything wrong with wearing pajamas to class or the Library. In fact, pajamas are an acceptable outfit in college.

However, don’t forget: Dress well, test well! During the next two weeks, comfort is key as we cram and spend an unthinkable amount of hours in the Library. However, just because an outfit is comfortable, does not mean that it cannot be stylish, too. Dressing nice on the days of your finals will boost your confidence and overall attitude going into the exam.

Students, don’t forget to dress well even though finals season is nearly here (Envato Elements).

Yes, I admit my outfits this week have not been my finest. However, I’ve made it work. If you’re thinking about your group project or finals creeping up the second you open your eyes in the morning, then you may decide to get dressed without any logical thought process. I promise that you are not alone.

My advice, which I have implemented in my own life, is to pick out an outfit the night before. It’ll save time, and any extra time is valuable to stressed-out students. I usually turn to leggings and a long sweater with sneakers because the outfit still has the comfort of pajamas, but is cute enough to keep you feeling confident. Good luck studying, fashionistas!


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