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Campus Style: Katherine Hayes

Hayes shows off her green heels and tight blue dress. (Photo courtesy of Jillian Greene)

Name: Katherine Hayes
Year: Junior
Major: Finance

We’re catching up with Katherine Hayes. As a colleague and friend, I admire her style.

JG: Where do you get most of your fashion inspiration?
KH: Definitely my mom.  

JG: What are your favorite places to shop?
KH: Lord and Taylor Free People section and Forever 21.

JG: What type of outfit do you feel most comfortable in?
KH: A skirt, tight long sleeve shirt and printed tights.

JG: What is your current favorite fashion trend?

KH: Easy: the choker.

JG: What is your least favorite trend?
KH: Probably neutral tones. I’m all for color.

JG: What are your favorite accessories?
KH: Definitely hoops and my bootie heels.

JG: Heels or flats?
KH: Absolutely heels.

JG: What are you most excited about wearing this winter?
KH: Big, comfy sweaters and, of course, leggings.

JG: How do you plan to incorporate your style into the workplace?
KH: As a business major, I am fully aware of the attire. However, I will try to wear bright colors, skirts over pants and definitely heels rather than ballet flats.


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