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Involvement fair gets cold shoulder

By Ellie Schuckman
Staff Writer

Small crowds, a few booths and a snow day defined the Spring 2017 Student Involvement Fair.

For the first time, campus organizations were split up over the course of four nights — Monday, Feb. 6, to Thursday, Feb. 9 — based on common topics or interests.

“I think it’s a really good idea, especially because if people are interested in certain areas (or interests),” said Kathleen Zaro, a junior communication studies major. “I know when I was looking for clubs my freshman year, I wanted to do community service and advocacy, but there was so much happening all at once. Now that they split it up, it’s good.”

This year, organizations were divided to help point students in the right direction.

“Splitting the nights helped students in finding organizations based on their interests faster,” said Nicole DiMarco, graduate assistant for the Office of Involvement.

Organizations were lined in rows in the screening room of the Brower Student Center, and eager newcomers had the opportunity to greet current members of their prospective clubs.

“My thinking was that because a lot of freshman went to the first one, they’re not really going to come to this one, it’s not going to be as big,” said Rohan Ahluwalia, a member of Active Minds and a junior journalism and professional writing major. “But honestly, it’s been a lot better than I expected it to be. Overall, a massive success.”

According to DiMarco, having fewer attendees than the fall fair was to be expected.

“Each year, the spring involvement fair has lower attendance,” DiMarco said. “Possibly due to students finding their organizations in the fall.”

While some organizations felt they had a decent turnout, others were discouraged by the event being split into several nights. Especially with the recent snowstorm, which forced Thursday’s fair to be cancelled.

The storm puts a damper on the College’s new involvement fair schedule. (File photo)

Tyler Law, president of Student Film Union and a sophomore communication studies major, was scheduled to be at the fair on Thursday.

“As the president of a relatively small organization, I was quite excited to use the involvement fair as a way to inform some TCNJ students about SFU,” Law said. “We have a new meeting time and quite a few things planned for this semester, and I was hoping to spread that word at the fair.”

As of now, the Office of Involvement is trying to pick a date to reschedule the fourth night, according to DiMarco. Still, those who were able to make it seemed to enjoy the decision.

“Now that it’s split into four days, there’s more focus on our club because it’s a smaller group of people, so I think that benefits, especially the smaller clubs, greatly,” Ahluwalia said. “I think they should definitely do this for fall and spring.”


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