Monday, June 21, 2021

Mike Sherr

SG recognizes four new student organizations, SFB postpones E-board elections

At their weekly meeting on April 21, Student Government (SG) voted to recognize four organizations and heard reports from students on committees to initiate the conclusion of the academic year. The Student Finance Board (SFB) met on the same day and gave an update on their elections.

SG election results and the debates that got us there

On April 15, students voted using Qualtrics to choose who will represent them in Student Government (SG) in the 2021-22 academic year. Leading up to the election, students spent a week campaigning and SG held two debates for the College community to engage in the process. 

SG gives feedback on proposals, passes resolutions as election candidates observe

During their weekly meeting on April 7, members of Student Government (SG) gave feedback on multiple proposals and gave their support to actions in Congress, while also welcoming those taking part in the April 15 election.

SG votes to recognize club, passes bill addressing replacement of vacant positions

Even though members of Student Government (SG) kept their general body meeting short on March 24, they had time to recognize a student organization and pass a bill that would address the appointment process.

Vote to expand SG cabinet delayed, meeting ends in confusion

On March 10, Student Government (SG) met for their weekly general body meeting. The board debated and eventually voted on a bill that would expand cabinet positions in SG. The debate took up most of the meeting and created a heated discussion between members. 

Students reveal life in isolation: difficulties with sick tray system, uncleaned rooms

As of March 12, there have been 160 total on and off-campus student Covid-19 cases. When a student tests positive, they are swiftly moved into isolation in Townhouses West. Students have been having mixed experiences in the Townhouses and the reports have not been all positive. 

SG forum results in mixed opinions on CAP’s graded/ungraded policy

Dr. Tracy Kress, associate professor of biology and chair of the Committee on Academic Programs (CAP), sent a community wide email on Feb. 26 containing a preliminary ungraded policy for the spring 2021 semester. The email also included information about three information sessions, one during the Student Government (SG) General Body meeting on March 3.

SG votes to create Center for Public Service at the College

Student Government (SG) met on Feb. 24 to vote on a proposal made by student delegate and senior philosophy major David McMillan. The proposal called for the creation of a Center for Public Service and a $5 student fee to finance the operations. 

Inside the College’s Covid-19 isolation

As of Feb. 13, there have been 28 confirmed on-campus cases of Covid-19 since the beginning of the spring semester. These students have the option to either isolate at home or stay in an isolation room on campus. Those isolating on campus are having mixed experiences.

Student Finance Board discusses funding for events during the pandemic

The Student Finance Board met on Feb. 3 to hear budget proposals from student organizations planning to pay for events and activities for the spring 2021 semester. Student organizations have had to change the way they conduct events due to the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic and many of these changes need serious financing.

SG gives input on pass/fail option for fall 2020, unrecognized student orgs

Dr. Tracy Kress, an associate professor of biology and chair of the Committee on Academic Programs, attended the Student Government (SG) General Body meeting on Dec. 2 to report and hear recommendations on the committee’s upcoming decision on whether the spring 2020 pass/fail policy should be implemented for the fall 2020 semester.

SG discuss College’s privacy policy regarding students and staff

Student Government (SG) gave feedback on Wednesday, Nov. 18, regarding a new proposal by the Committee on Student and Campus Community (CSCC) about the College’s privacy policy. 

SG meets with Staff Senate President, recognizes new student organization

Student Government (SG) met over Zoom on Oct. 28 in their weekly meeting to hear from Staff Senate President Joe O’Brien and vote on old business. 

SG sends student relief plan to President Foster 

By Mike SherrStaff Writer Student Government (SG) met on Oct. 14 for their weekly general body meeting to discuss new and old business, including an...

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