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Campus Style: Versatile fashion for unpredictable weather

By Jillian Greene

While most of us are longing for warmer weather, we must not forget about our favorite winter fashion items just because Mother Nature decided to be particularly inconsistent lately.

Woman in pink coat, jeans walking on stairs in street with backpack and coffee listening to music on headphones, (envato elements).

During my trip to Florida, where the temperature dropped to a low of 34 degrees, I was reminded of my warm winter clothing left behind in New Jersey. I scrambled to piece together the warmest possible outfit I could with my suitcase filled of shorts, flip flops and bathing suits. I was unsuccessful and, unfortunately, I had to take a trip to the local mall.

However, not everyone who traveled for spring break was affected by the cold weather. I was very envious as I scrolled through my Instagram and Snapchat feed to see many of my fellow classmates in bathing suits on the beach.

I regretted not having packed my winter coat to warm myself from the unexpected cold weather. I particularly missed my neutral black peacoat. Peacoats have exploded in fashion as it seems everyone — males and females — own at least one.

Peacoats are very versatile. You can wear it over a business casual outfit as you go on an interview or you can pair it with leggings and sneakers while running errands. Either way, you’ll look great.

While black and beige are the most popular shades, I see more and more people pulling off gray and burgundy peacoats. You can find a variety of styles of this jacket at different price points in stores including Lord & Taylor and H&M.  

My advice to all fashionistas planning their next vacation — regardless of if it’s to the sunny state of Florida or a Caribbean island — is to make sure to bring at least one warm outfit as we all know how unreliable Mother Nature can be.


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