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Latest ‘Ghost Recon’ game revives series

By Maximillian C. Burgos
Sports Assistant

Few games boast a world as immersive as the one in “Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon: Wildlands.” The game offers many stunning environments for the player to traverse while trying to complete missions in any way they see fit.

This tactical shooter by Ubisoft Paris was promised to be the best and most realistic installment in the “Ghost Recon” franchise. Graphically, the game exceeded my expectations. The atmosphere is realistic and textured.

Players can fully customize their characters, too, making them look as serious or goofy as possible. The characters tell jokes and share some hilarious dialogue on long journeys that make the game pretty enjoyable. Some jokes are so absurd they can leave the player in stitches.

While the game does have many hours of explorable content, its mechanics quickly grow frustrating. The game has a huge variety of weapons, but there’s a backbreaking catch: The players must find each weapon and weapon part or accessory while they travel through the game’s enormous map.

In order to save time, players can pay to unlock the weapons and attachments through the Ubisoft shop. It will save the player hours of exploring and fighting enemies to get better weapons, but the price gets really steep once all the crates add up. When will big game companies realize that gamers aren’t made of money?

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What makes this game stand out is its missions. The game will not force players into any kind of linear combat since each mission is open-ended. This means that players can partake in missions whenever and however they want.

Some missions do require precision and stealth, so be warned that the game cannot be played like a western shoot ‘em up movie.

Unlike all the other “Ghost Recon” games, this game trades futuristic for more realistic and modern settings. Set in Bolivia, the game feels like a more modern third-world country experience. That being said, the game does offer the player technologically advanced gadgets, like drones, to use in combat.

This installment in the “Ghost Recon” series has proven to be a great gaming experience. With the content it comes with, it is worth the $60 price tag, however, you may need to set aside another $20 if you’re planning on unlocking any weapons to save time and avoid endlessly searching for them yourself.


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