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‘The Circle’ season two is off to a strong start

Netflix reality TV show “The Circle” is back for another season, and will be releasing episodes weekly until the beginning of May. With eight new contestants, drama is already through the roof, and the tension is high as they try to navigate who they can trust to win $100,000.

What We’re Watching On Hulu: ‘Brooklyn 99’

“Brooklyn 99,” a fan-favorite sitcom that aired in 2013, follows a funny, lovable cast of detectives who work for the NYPD’s 99th precinct. The characters fight crime while bringing humor to the real-life personal situations they deal with on a daily basis.

The original ‘Fearless’ may hold my heart, but ‘Fearless (Taylor’s Version)’ is just as beautiful

Love, heartbreak, young adulthood — Taylor Swift captures these themes just as strongly in her re-recording of her second 2008 album, “Fearless,” an album that takes me back to my childhood.

‘Godzilla vs. Kong’ leaves more to be desired

Monster movies are hard to make. The pressure on the part of the moviemaker revolves around making a movie that seems balanced between intense action sequences focused on the monster, along with some interesting human characters to propel the film’s main narrative forward. Few movies have been able to do this well and the newest addition to Legendary Entertainment’s “MonsterVerse” franchise, “Godzilla vs. Kong” only partially delivers.

‘A Week Away’ is a fun movie musical for young audiences

"A Week Away" is exactly what I expected it to be, playing out like a Disney-esque movie musical with the addition of organized religion and a less stimulating soundtrack. It definitely reads like any other YA musical, but this familiarity is almost comforting to those who were raised in the 2000’s with similar projects coming out regularly. 

Is the ‘Snyder Cut’ an improvement on the original ‘Justice League’?

I should probably clarify for anyone wondering: no, I did not see the original 2017 “Justice League,” namely due to the fact that everyone I spoke with who had seen it actively spoke about how bad it was. So let me be clear right off the bat — I am not here to evaluate whether the “Snyder Cut” is an improvement upon the original 2017 film at all. I am simply here to judge Snyder’s new “Justice League” on its own merits and as its own movie. 

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry leave no stone unturned in down-to-earth interview with Oprah

The anticipation of this interview led us to believe that drama will rise and we would all be left on the edge of our seats. We were high on both the award-winning Netflix series, “The Crown,” and our innate curiosity due to celebrity culture. However, we were met with a down-to-earth memoir of a young couple going toe-to-toe with the world.

Zara Larsson’s “Poster Girl” is a hopeless romantic’s paradise

Zara Larsson’s “Poster Girl” came out four years after her hit debut studio album “So Good,” but over a decade after the Swedish singer’s successful career began. After winning the 2008 season of “Talang,” the Swedish version of “Got Talent,” Larsson’s music has been well received in her native country in particular. Additionally, her single “Never Forget You” from “So Good” gained international popularity, further raising expectations for her future music. 

Marvel’s ‘Wandavision’ comes to a conclusion with ninth episode

Marvel Studios wrapped up what might be its most ambitious project yet on Friday, Mar. 5: WandaVision, their first television series and the beginning of the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s Phase Four. 

‘Moxie’ kicks off Women’s History Month with a bang

Especially in high school, there are an abundance of rules and regulations, such as dress codes that remain targeted at women. Administrators and students too often accept that “boys will be boys” and that the status quo must be maintained, resulting in dangerous values and priorities. 

WTSR’s Album of the Week: ‘Collapsed in Sunbeams’

“Collapsed in Sunbeams,” the debut album by 20-year-old English poet, Arlo Parks, showcases the artist’s profound wisdom despite her young age in a comforting landscape through a mix of pop and hip-hop music. 

Madison Beer’s debut album, ‘Life Support,’ shows promise

Madison Beer reminds me of the run-of-the-mill popular girl from my high school: entitled, on the after prom committee and embroiled in some sort of drama. But when we’re paired up to peer review each other’s papers, she is extraordinarily nice to me and we even joke around. 

‘Ginny and Georgia’ is not another ‘Gilmore Girls’

The town of Wellsbury, Massachusetts is small, homey and seemingly full of people that never stop smiling. When Georgia Miller (Brianne Howey) moves in, people aren’t sure what to expect. Georgia has two kids from two different men, and has just moved in from Texas after her husband died unexpectedly. She had her daughter, Virginia “Ginny” Miller (Antonia Gentry) when she was only fifteen years old, and her son Austin (Diesel La Torraca) is socially awkward with violent tendencies. This Georgia peach is not what she seems, and people are determined to find out her secrets.

Pentatonix’s ‘The Lucky Ones’ blends the worlds of pop and mental health

Five years after the release of their first original album, Pentatonix, the five-member sensational pop acapella group — known for their creative covers of popular songs and their five holiday albums — released their newest album, “The Lucky Ones” on Feb. 12. This 11-track album was two years in the making, said Scott Hoying, the baritone, in a celebratory Instagram post.

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