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Campus Style: Spring trends

By Jillian Greene

We’ve all become accustomed to mother nature’s indecisive behavior. However, it seems as though spring finally sprang last week and is here to stay — cross your fingers. I’ve noticed shorts, sandals, sundresses and tank tops all around campus.

I am eagerly awaiting the weekend I will get to go home and swap my winter clothes for my spring clothes. I’ve been especially envious of students who remembered to bring their stylish sandals to school before last week’s wave of warm weather. As we all prepare for spring, here are some popular trends to keep an eye out for.

Mix and match
Prepare to not only see mix and matching bathing suits at the beach, but you should also expect to see more colors being mixed together.

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again — everything in fashion comes full circle. Skorts are back in action. When I was younger, there was a negative attitude surrounding skorts, but now they’re all the rave. They have even become a popular going out item.

Sunglasses are an essential spring accessory (envato elements).

Quay sunglasses
Sunglasses are an essential spring accessory, and the Australian brand, Quay Sunglasses, are taking over. Quay is known for its fashionable lens styles, including untraditional colors and sizes. I’m seeing more and more of their bold styles across campus and I anticipate ordering a pair myself very soon.

Choker neck shirts
As chokers have gained popularity, shirts have begun to come with matching chokers — either physically attached to the shirt or separate. Regardless, they will definitely add a chic element to any outfit.


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