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Monthly Archives: April, 2017

Celebritease: Love and heartbreak in Hollywood

With a lot less pressure on his shoulders during MLB opening day, Alex Rodriguez strolled around New York City on Sunday, April 2, as the Yankees took the field in Florida.

Towers finally get Wi-Fi

At long last, Travers and Wolfe halls have Wi-Fi. Central housing for all freshmen, the Towers’ lack of wireless internet connection has long been a hot-button issue, but as of Wednesday, March 29, the two buildings are ethernet-only no more.

Campus Style: Hot trends for spring

As spring officially kicks off, it’s time to get up-to-date with this season’s hottest trends. Here is what you should look for across campus.

Student goes vegan for internship at Farm Sanctuary

Imagine learning about farm animals, the food industry and the nonprofit sector all while living away from home and sticking to a strictly vegan diet.

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