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Monthly Archives: April, 2017

Students bring Habitat for Humanity to campus

From cutting wood to painting walls and building roofs — student volunteers in the College’s new chapter of Habitat for Humanity do it all in order to help the local communities that need their help the most.

Campus Style: Summer trend predictions

As the school year comes to an end, summer vibes are almost in full effect. It’s hard to believe there’s only one more week of classes.

Editor-in-Chief reflects on her time at The Signal

Imagine a journalism major attending a college without a newspaper or any other media organizations. Unfortunately, that illogical hypothetical was my reality until I transferred to the College in the Spring 2014 semester.

Lions Plate: Personalized empanadas

Every family has a traditional go-to recipe. My mother always makes a dozen empanadas that leave me snacking for days. They’re simple, customizable and taste great leftover.

Classic Signals: Professors protest against state

Professors and faculty at the College went on strike in 1974 because the state refused their proposals. Production Manager Brielle Bryan spoke to faculty members who protested working under expired contracts on April 12.

Students protest College’s disconnection with Trenton

Members of the TCNJ Committee on Unity engaged in a sit-in for over 24 hours to fight the closure of the TCNJ Clinic and support of renaming Paul Loser Hall.

ASL filmmaker shares his experience

On Wednesday, April 19, 46-year-old director Mark Wood, who is deaf, didn’t need sound to entertain students in room 115 of the Education Building.

Self-help book is smoking gun in fire investigation

At 8:55 a.m. on April 14, a Campus Police officer was conducting a stationary post on the north staircase of Wolfe Hall between the first and second floors. The officer heard a staircase door open above him, along with the sound of a lighter attempting to ignite. The officer immediately ran up the staircase and observed the sixth-floor doorway closing. There was a strong odor of burnt paper, according to police reports.

Students barter for bikes to reduce carbon footprint

Students were encouraged to shift from their cars to bikes on Wednesday, April 19, at the Bonner Institute’s and the Environmental Club’s second annual Bike Sale on Green Lawn. The event was part of Bonner Scholars’ Earth Week and was sponsored by the Environmental Club’s TCNJ Unplugged initiative.

SG approves two engineering and two political clubs

Student Government approved four new clubs at its weekly meeting on Wednesday, April 19. The first club approved was the Civil Engineering Honor Society, which was previously the only engineering honor society not recognized by the College, according to Justin Brach, SG’s constitutional review chair and a sophomore finance and political science double major.

External firm audits SFB over SAF usage

At its latest meeting on Wednesday, April 19, the Student Finance Board discussed the circumstances of a recent external audit.

All the College is a stage and all the students merely players

Up until the 1990s, theater was more than an extracurricular at Trenton State College. Back then, you could major in it.

Students find College water drinkable after investigation

The first time freshman journalism major Dylan Calloway wondered about the College’s water quality was when he saw a picture of a moldy pipe near Eickhoff Hall on TCNJ.snap. This inspired him and several other students to research further into the College’s water quality, as part of a group project for their journalism class, Writing for Interactive Multimedia.

No.1 lacrosse hits two birds with one defensive stick

The No.1 nationally ranked Lions continued their dominance in conference play. On the road, the team defeated Rowan University, 11-1, on April 18. The Lions then followed with a more hefty home win against Ramapo College, 17-1, on Thursday, April 20. The Intercollegiate Women’s Lacrosse Coaches Association announced junior defender Elizabeth Morrison as the Defensive Player of the Week on Wednesday, April 19.

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