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Campus Style: Julianna Citarella

By Lexy Yulich

For the first campus style interview of the semester, we’re catching up with Julianna Citarella, a sophomore communications major whose amazing style never goes unnoticed. Citarella is always dressed from head to toe in the latest trends, looking effortless regardless of what she wears.

Citarella wears patterned jeans and a statement necklace. (Photo courtesy of Lexy Yulich)

LY: What are you wearing today?
JC: I’m wearing an embroidered dress and knee-high black boots. To me, this is a great way to take summer trends such as embroidered dresses into fall by adding tall boots.

LY: How would you describe your style?
JC: I would describe my style as a mix of a lot of things. Some days I like really bright colors and boho or vintage looking clothing, other days I just really like to wear all black. I also love white T-shirts and jeans. I’m really fickle. 

LY: Who is your style icon?
JC: I’m not sure who my style icon is, but I love everything Alice and Olivia comes out with. I’ve always been a fan of Rihanna because she just always looks edgy.

LY: Where do you look for fashion inspiration and style?
JC: If I see girl and think, “wow, she has her life together” or looks like a really powerful female, I always take notes on what she is wearing.

LY: Where are your favorite places to shop at?
JC: Anthropologie (sale is key), Free People, the Gap because they have awesome “comfy but I tried” looking things and basics, Lord and Taylor (sale is also key). I also shop ASOS online sometimes and Zara is appearing more and more in my closet.

LY: What is your favorite trend right now?
JC: I really love that the brand For Love and Lemons is getting bigger. I love their dainty pieces but I also love denim, like fringed jeans or patch work denim.

LY: What are you going to incorporate into your closet this fall?
JC: I’m focusing more on wearing fun statement pieces and balancing them with simple shirts or necklaces. I like an outfit to balance between a neutral color and an edgy pair of shoes.


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