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Campus Style: Ripped denim

By Jillian Greene

As the seasons come and go, denim is one thing that appears to stay constant in the fashion world. Whether you’re rocking skinny or boyfriend-style jeans, ripped denim has become a popular trend.

Although the older generations — like my parents and grandparents — don’t agree with this fashion statement, millennials love it. There are a variety of styles such as basic ripped jeans in the knee, or riskier, uber-ripped jeans where there is more skin showing than the jeans itself.

Another option you can choose is the classic ripped jeans down the pant leg with white stitching covering the holes. I like the classic rips best and don’t believe I will ever get into the uber-ripped style, but I applaud those who can pull it off!

Denim is one thing that appears to stay constant in the fashion world (envato elements).

As this trend becomes more and more popular, people can find inspiration just about anywhere they look. Pinterest is one of the best places to search for wardrobe ideas because they provide endless options. Also, looking at your favorite celebrities’ Instagram pages can give tons of fashion inspiration.

Glamour Magazine recently published an article featuring celebrities wearing a variety of stylish ripped jeans. Of course Bella and Gigi Hadid, the fashion icons of the century (or so it seems), were the first two featured.

You can wear ripped jeans just about anywhere if you really want to, unless there’s a specific dress code. Pair ripped jeans with a cute pair of sneakers or heels to bring them from day to night. Whether you’re going to class or having a night out on the town, trendy ripped jeans have become a wardrobe necessity.


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