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Classic Signals: Students donate goods to tsunami victims

Every week, Features Editor Ashton Leber hits the archives and finds old Signals that relate to current College topics and top stories.

Over the past two months, the United States was a victim of three devastating hurricanes. Hurricane Harvey was the first to make landfall on Aug. 25, slamming Houston and damaging its surrounding areas. A few weeks later, Hurricane Irma swept through the Caribbean and up through Florida. Other states, including South Carolina, declared a state of emergency, and those who remained in their homes felt Irma’s vicious wrath. Shortly after Irma, Hurricane Maria shook the U.S. territory of Puerto Rico, leaving nothing but damage behind. As a result of these tragic natural disasters, the College’s Office of Student Affairs launched a new initiative, “Here for Home, Always,” to raise money and help those affected by the hurricanes. In 2005, a tsunami wreaked havoc over several countries in Asia. The College participated in collecting donations for victims of the tsunami by collecting canned goods. During times of devastation, the College gives back to support those in need.

The College community bands together to help those in need. (Ashton Leber / Features Editor)

Dec. 26 became a day of infamy as an earthquake with a magnitude of 9.0 on the Richter scale spawned a tsunami in the Indian Ocean that left both residents and visitors of Indonesia, Sri Lanka, India, Sumatra and Thailand in devastation.

As the death toll surpasses, 156,000 people, there are some 12 million ways to contribute to the Tsunami Disaster Relief Fund, making even the effort to help out the victims of the tragedy a daunting task.

Collaborating with the Student Government Association (SGA) and the Student Finance Board (SFB), the office of Student Development and Campus Programs (Athletics, Club Sports, Intramurals and Campus Activities) provided students and employees at the College with a way to contribute to the effort, by placing collection cans in all of the dining halls and residence buildings. There are also cans at the Brower Student Center Information Desk and the bookstore.

“We are also looking for every organization on campus to co-sponsor by passing a collection hat during their meeting and donate it there,” Pedro Khoury, SGA executive president said.

In addition, donations will be accepted at various events on campus. For example, there were collection cans at basketball games throughout the month, and the concert and comedy show sponsored by the College Union Board (CUB) also presented opportunities.

The fund-raising period officially began on Jan 17, and is set to last until Jan. 31. “After that, SGA and other student organizations most likely will conduct their own fund-raisers,” Khoury said.


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