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Campus Style: Workplace attire

By Jillian Greene

As young professionals preparing to enter the real world, the laid-back outfits we wear to class most likely won’t cut it in the workplace. So get ready to replace sweatshirts and sweatpants with suits, ties, pencil skirts and heels.

Although the College may provide basic learning foundations and critical thinking tools used in the workplace, the fashion resources on campus are limited. Luckily, you have me for some guidance!

For students who worked at an internship before, you already know the deal. You probably went shopping and bought a few pairs of neutral-colored pants, shirts and cardigans to create multiple outfits.

However, if you’re anything like me, you may have soon realized that those few pieces you bought just weren’t enough. About half of my closet is filled with work clothes, but I continue to struggle piecing together outfits that aren’t too similar to what I wore the day before.

Portrait of female in red pencil skirt (envato elements).

Be careful not to get too comfortable with your work clothes though. Girls should avoid wearing black dress pants with a different colored collared shirt every day. Switching it up with pencil skirts and patterned shirts provides more options to choose from. You can also alternate the look between flats and heels.

Contrary to popular belief, men also have a lot more choices than one may think. Black and blue suits are a must-have. Men can alternate between solid, striped and patterned dress shirts.

This same logic can be applied to ties. To increase fashion variety, add different patterned socks, watches and accessories to your wardrobe.

But don’t forget that you can’t go wrong with a classic black suit, white shirt and black tie paired with black dress shoes.

Although it is fun to incorporate colors into your work wardrobe, this chic and professional look will never go out of style.


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