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Classic Signals: Students seek last-minute tutoring for exams

Every week, Features Editor Ashton Leber hits the archives and finds old Signals that relate to current College topics and top stories.

As the College reaches its halfway point in the semester, students may start to feel the stress of preparing for midterm exams. If a student is struggling in class but doesn’t know where to turn, the Career Center in Roscoe West Hall has many resources available for those who need a little extra push. Students must know they aren’t alone in this process and that there are employees and volunteer students available to help with stress. If a student is behind in a class and doesn’t feel prepared for an exam, the Tutoring Center offers drop-in study groups or one-on-one sessions. In 1974, The Signal reported on similar resources available to students that were struggling to get caught up in class, or for those just looking for a refresher before midterms.

The College offers resources to benefit stressed students. (Ashton Leber / Features Editor)

Located slightly on the outside of the campus across from the first parking lot in the building known as Martin House is the TSC Learning Center. Who’s it for and why is it here, are questions that you are probably asking. Well, the Center is for you, the student. It’s purpose is to help those who are having trouble grasping certain subjects and to teach you how to make the best of your studying time.

Don Davis is the intern and also co-ordinates the tutoring program. There are 10 peer tutors who have a specialty in one or more fields. They attend weekly training sessions and tutor no more than 15 hours a week.

The Center is very much programmed to helping you, the student. “We can never say no to a student,” says Mr. Davis, “Even if it’s the last hour before the test at the end of the semester. If there’s a tutor available with no prior commitments to another student and this person feels that the one can help him, it’s his.” Many times the tutor discovers that there is a reading and comprehension of the material. They then refer you to one of the reading specialists. Sometimes an emotional problem is present, which shows itself academically.

The general feeling that several people at the Center have is that students are coming out of high school less prepared than they use to be and that College Professors are still expecting the same, possibly more.

If you are having difficulty with a subject why not stop by and at least talk to someone over there.


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