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iCaberet impresses with solo and group songs

By Lily Firth
Reviews Editor

Students and parents all filed into the Library Auditorium to watch i-Tunes, one of the many a capella groups on campus, on Friday, Nov. 10. I-Tunes performed its second annual i-Cabaret. The cabaret featured 11 soloists, two duet singers and two group performances. The group’s slower songs showed off each artist’s impressive vocals, while upbeat songs got the crowd laughing and clapping along.

Madhav Patel, a junior biology major and a member of i-Tunes, was the host. He introduced each of the night’s performers as the audience chuckled at his lighthearted humor.

When members of i-Tunes sang together, their voices blended seamlessly. Meanwhile, the group’s beatboxer created instrumental-sounding background music with his vocals.

iTunes perform a variety of contemporary songs.  (Hernandez / Staff Photographer)

Following the group performances, each brave soloist took the stage — some were accompanied with a guitar, a piano or background instrumental tracks.

The audience hummed along as many of the soloists covered songs by artists like Paramore, Lady Gaga, Chance the Rapper and Amy Winehouse. The variety of voices, genres and styles kept the show fresh.

Emme McGilligan, a junior psychology major, was nervous to perform.

“It’s always nerve-wracking singing along without everyone else behind you. If you mess up, it’s just you, and everyone knows it,” McGilligan said. Mason Moran, a senior communication major, has learned how to control the pre-performance jitteriness.    

“The only way to get over nerves is to practice, just practice as much as you can. And having an instrument to back you up is always a plus,” Moran said.

Both performers and audience members were buzzing about the night’s performances. Caroline Taffet, a junior English and secondary education dual major, was impressed with i-Tunes’ performances.

“I liked ‘Sunday Candy’ the best, by far. Asa could rap almost like Chance the Rapper — it was honestly amazing and got everyone singing along,” Taffet said.

Lucia Donia, a junior self-design speech pathology major, was elated by the way the performances played out and the talent they brought to the stage.

“I loved the whole thing to pieces,” Donia said. “I loved the soulful, pure voices of everyone — I actually had chills.”


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