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College comedians fundraise for charity

By Haley Nakonechny

The crowd at Mayo Concert Hall gathered to enjoy a comedy show with a twist –– with every laugh, each audience member knew that their attendance was for a good cause.

In an effort to support the victims of the recent string of hurricanes that have hit the southern United States and Puerto Rico, the TCNJ Standup Comedy Society held a comedy show to benefit those that have been affected. The event was held on Friday, Nov. 10, with students and families alike gathering to support the cause. Net proceeds from the show went toward the College’s own hurricane relief campaign, Here for Home, Always.

Here for Home, Always is the latest iteration of the College’s Here for Home campaign that began five years ago to benefit New Jersey and other states after Hurricane Sandy caused mass devastation. Since then, the campaign has continued to help others affected by natural disasters, focusing now on those who have faced devastation from Hurricane Harvey, Irma and Maria.

The proceeds from the show went to the College’s hurricane relief fund, Here for Home, Always. (Randell Carrido / Staff Photographer)

Despite the serious undertone of the event, the crowd was still able to enjoy themselves. Between the laughs, six talented student comedians joked about everything from their own personal insecurities to Chick-Fil-A.

Alvin Tran, a sophomore psychology major and the president of TCNJ SUCS, hosted the night and served as the opening act. He appeared lively and comfortable on stage, and completely at ease while reciting his act and introducing his fellow comedians.

“I love making people laugh and giving people a good time,” Tran said. “Especially in a highly competitive, stressful environment such as college, there is nothing more rewarding than giving people this place to step away from their hectic lives to sit down, relax and enjoy some laughs.”

Many audience members were impressed with the performances.

“I really enjoyed the show,” said Julia Hayes, a freshman communications major. “It was my first time at a comedy show, and in all honesty I was not expecting to laugh that much and that hard.”

TCNJ SUCS is relatively new –– it became a Student Government recognized organization last semester, and this was the biggest event the club has hosted since.

Tran saw a need for a stand-up group on the College’s campus, and was eager to build that community.

“I decided to just go ahead and make that organization myself,” Tran said. “It turned out that a lot of other individuals on campus also shared an interest in stand-up comedy.

TCNJ SUCS organized this event to help victims who have faced destruction as a result of Hurricanes Harvey, Irma and Maria, and the joy they brought their audience was irreplaceable.

“I do not think anyone has made me laugh that hard in a while,” Hayes said. She was impressed with the comedy group. “I would definitely go to another stand-up comedy event in the future for sure.”


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