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Garage Sale sells huge at CUB Alt

By Nadir Roberts
Staff Writer

Spectators sang and danced to three rock bands at CUB Alt’s Student Band Night on Friday, Nov. 18, in the Decker Social Space. Headlining the night was Garage Sale, a three-piece rock band based out of Manasquan, New Jersey.

The trio, which had the crowd pumped and energized, consisted of Joey Sigmund on guitar and backup vocals, Michael “DiHeelio” Diahy on drums and Dylan Lembo on bass and lead vocals.

“It’s going to be a good time and a lot of dancing, it’s all about fun,” Lenbo said.

What began as a spaced-out venue, quickly formed into a tight-knit crowd right in front of the band, who yelled jokingly, “Get closer to the stage so we can stage dive.”

Bobbing heads and tapping feet jammed along as Garage Sale played songs called “Socrates,” “Mike Tyson” and “Where’s Your Seatbelt?” The raspy and whimsical lyrics were accompanied by catchy guitar riffs and solos and crashing high hats.

Opening for the night was Satan’s Wifi, an alternative cover band based in Ewing.

The band’s humor had the audience laughing in between songs and kept the mood very light while the audience shouted the band’s motto, “Wi-Fi saved my life.”

The band covered popular songs — the Ramones’ “Blitzkrieg Bop” and Red Hot Chili Peppers’ “Californiacation” — to amp up the crowd.

The next band to blaze the stage was Paper Mills, an alternative rock band out of New Milford, New Jersey. When Paper Mills started its set, they brought upbeat energy that rippled through the crowd.

Paper Mills plays a set of original alternative rock songs. (Jason Proleika / Photo Editor)

The dynamic between the group members was unmatched as they performed songs including “Euphoria” and “Summer’s Dream” from the band’s album “Head in Strange Places.”

Each band provided the audience with energetic vibes along with laughs and entertainment.

“I thought it was cool to see my friends perform in front of people,” said Chris Mulqueen, a sophomore mechanical engineering major, “and it was a fun time altogether.”


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