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Indie artist Kate Bollinger takes over CUB ALT Instagram Live for an intimate, coffeehouse-style performance

CUB Alt hosted an Instagram Live event featuring indie artist Kate Bollinger on Mar. 5 from 9-9:30 pm. The event was a 30-minute acoustic showcase of Bollinger’s music. 

Last CUB Alt electrifies classic rock sound

The stage was built, the tricolor lights were aglow and the speakers were set for CUB’s Alt’s final show of the semester. While the shows have branched out into rap and folk music recently, this week’s concert returned to its roots for one last time this fall.

Lil Dude flops at CUB Alt Show

A small stage was dimly lit with technicolor lights and powerful speakers in preparation for an energetic evening of rap.

Students wow audience at Coffeehouse

A chill evening with coffee, cookies and mellow music was in the hands of students who eagerly made their way to the Traditions Lounge for the third CUB Alt Coffeehouse on Nov. 5.

Mellow show highlights student music

It was closing time at the library. The daily announcement telling students to move downstairs when and the library would open again had been made. Meanwhile, in the basement, the CUB Alt show was just getting started in the Library Auditorium.

Duster sweeps audience at CUB Alt show

A slow burn of a night led to an atmospheric setting on Oct. 18 in the Brower Student Center Room 225.

Mannequin Pussy lights up First CUB Alt show

In front of the tricolor glow of the stage lights, three bands took control of the semester’s first CUB Alt show, where they provided demanding performances for an intimate crowd who threw the energy right back at them.

Alt bands deliver dynamic performances

Under the constant tonal hum of the speaker’s low, steady fuzz of feedback, students gathered to witness four bands take control of a stage that could barely fit all of the band members.

CUB Alt show strikes chord with audience

The vibrant hues of the stage lights fused together to form a polychromatic aura of turquoise, purple and red, which set the scene for a night of alternative rock and entertainment.

Bands electrify crowd with passionate show

The lights grew dim, a violet glow illuminated the stage and the sound began to reverberate across every surface of the room. Students who came to last week’s CUB Alt Show, held on March 26 in the Brower Student Center Room 225E, eagerly watched three rock

CUB Alt show attracts rock ‘n’ roll fans

Music junkies raided Brower Student Center Room 225 and rocked out to a night of live music on March 5 at 8 p.m. Cub Alt’s lineup featured three bands — Teenage Halloween, Lunar Vacation and Charly Bliss. Each contributed a distinct sound, image and tone for the audience to enjoy.

Holden heightens CUB Alt performance

Holden started out his set by telling everyone to take a seat and gather close around the stage. Before the music even started, he engaged in some friendly banter with the crowd, which he said he often practiced more than he did his set. He liked being comfortable on stage and familiarizing himself with the audience.

Student Band Night gets Halloween upgrade

The first floor of the Art & Interactive Multimedia building was decorated with festive favorites like black cats, thick cobwebs and string lights that accented the tables filled with goodies and accessories just in time for the upcoming holiday.

Students perform original standup routines

Nick Zelte, a sophomore biology major, lumbered onto the Traditions stage in his Boston College sweatshirt ready to crack a few jokes about his narcolepsy, his mother and the Lifetime television channel known for its cliche soap operas during CUB Alt’s Student Comedy Night on Oct. 19 in the Traditions Lounge.

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