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Student Band Night gets Halloween upgrade

By Nadir Roberts 
Arts & Entertainment Editor

Spooky season was in full effect on Friday, Oct. 26 for CUB Alt’s Halloween-themed Student Band Night. CUB collaborated with the College’s Association for Music Production and Discussion to give the night an eerie atmosphere.

Round 2 plays covers of hit pop songs. (Nadir Roberts / Arts & Entertainment Editor)

The first floor of the Art & Interactive Multimedia building was decorated with festive favorites like black cats, thick cobwebs and string lights that accented the tables filled with goodies and accessories just in time for the upcoming holiday.

The fog machine and the laser lights projected onto the wall behind the stage filled the room with Halloween vibes, which set the tone for the upcoming performances and helped the bands captivate the attention of their audience members.

Round 2 covered many songs often heard at parties, such as “Stacy’s Mom,” by Fountains of Wayne, “Holiday,” by Green Day, “All Star,” by Smashmouth and more. With each guitar riff and high note, the band made sure the crowd was feeling the music –– they were bobbing their heads and tapping their feet to the rhythm.

The band then switched their set’s tempo up and played “Misery Business” by Paramore. The crowd loved every chorus the band members belted.

But God does it feel so good/cause I got him where I want him now,” the crowd began to chant, “And if you could then you know you would/cause God it just feels so good.”

Before the set closed, the audience started to shout for an encore. The band granted its fans’ wishes, reaching into its arsenal to whip out a blast from the past turned 21st century hit ––  “Africa” by Toto, to which the intimate but enthusiastic crowd sang along to every word.




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