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Mellow show highlights student music

By Sam Shaw

Faye Webster performs upbeat songs throughout its set (Darby VanDeVeen / Staff Photographer).

It was closing time at the library. The daily announcement telling students to move downstairs when and the library would open again had been made. Meanwhile, in the basement, the CUB Alt show was just getting started in the Library Auditorium.

These shows, which often feature indie or alternative rock musicians, are typically held in the Brower Student Center, but the show in the basement on the night of Friday, Nov. 1, was more relaxed with a cozy and intimate atmosphere.

The headliner, Faye Webster, appeared relaxed throughout her set, as she sat down to perform with her guitar. Backing musician Matt Stoessel played the pedal steel guitar, giving Webster’s songs a distinct folk vibe over her silky smooth vocals.

The first band to start the evening was a College student’s musical project, Ornamental, with junior art education major Lucia Gardiner performing solo. The only instrument in her set was an electric guitar, as she sang softly to her original song, “Blur.”

“I had only started playing the guitar a few years ago when I was a senior in high school,” Gardiner said after her set. “Deciding to do something by myself like a solo project was really fun and felt like a ‘prove myself’ moment.”

Molly Ringworm, who has performed at the College before during WTSR Underground, took to the stage next.

The Jersey band started as a solo project with lead singer Sarah Holt and grew into a four-person group. Holt cited Joni Mitchell as one of musical inspirations, and performed a cover of her song “Chelsea Morning.” The band’s original songs were upbeat and brought energy to the crowd throughout the set.

At one point during her set, Webster asked the crowd if they had in mind any songs they wanted her to play, to which someone suggested her song “Jonny” off of her newest record “Atlanta Millionaires Club.”

The crowd was silent, but absorbed the song’s mournful lyrics.

“Jonny, maybe you’ll never hear this, or maybe it’s stuck in your head. Well, I hope it makes you cry the way that I did,” she sang.

Zach Rich, a sophomore computer science major who has come to many other CUB Alt shows before, had seen Webster previously at a music festival with a friend.

Rich said he really enjoyed the atmosphere of the concert and appreciated that CUB was bringing in artists from genres like rap and folk.

Webster mentioned that she finds performing her songs live to be therapeutic, especially in front of a small group of people as she did here at the College.

“(This is where) people are listening and hopefully feeling inspired,” she said.


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