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Campus Style: Spring into Style

By Lexy Yulich

Although there is still some cold weather left in the forecast, spring is quickly approaching. After doing some shopping over spring break, I was inspired by all of the new collections and color palettes the upcoming season has to offer. While most days it’s too early to wear shorts, spring themed dresses or sandals, here are a few easy ways to incorporate pieces inspired by warmer weather into your wardrobe:

  1. Light colored clothes. Nothing says spring like pastels and light neutrals. Pair your favorite dark colored jeans or pants with a light top or lightly colored cardigan. Another easy way to add some color is to accessorize your outfit with dainty gold or silver jewelry.
  2. Sweaters and skirts. For relatively warm days, pair your favorite jean skirt with a warm sweater. For added style, pair a chunky sweater with a belt or long necklace and booties.
  3. Spring florals. There are a ton of new floral patterns emerging for the new season. I tend to be very picky with patterns, especially floral ones, but recently I’ve been seeing a lot of florals that pair well with a variety of outfits. I recommend pairing your florals with dark colored jeans and tan booties.
  4. Light ripped jeans. Alternative denim is still wildly popular, but as the temperatures begin to rise, light jeans become more and more trendy. I love to pair my ripped jeans with a white sweater and pink suede sneakers for a trendy take on a classic look.


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