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Campus Style – Dress for confidence

By Lexy Yulich

It’s time to debunk the myth that in order to be fashionable, you must wear what is in style every day. The first rule of fashion is to wear what you love and what makes you feel confident!

I used to obsess over fashion magazines, watch red carpet events and agonize over what celebrities were wearing because I thought that was what made someone fashionable. I tried my best to replicate other people’s styles because I was unsure of my own style. It was easier to copy someone else than to figure out what I actually liked wearing and what made me feel confident. Luckily, as I grew older, I started to learn what clothes made me feel happy and what brands matched my values.

I’m a firm believer that if you wear clothes that give you confidence, you will feel a lot better about yourself. I no longer hide behind someone else’s preferences and stopped letting what people thought was trendy dictate how I perceive myself.

Dressing for confidence is all about wearing what makes you feel happy and what you are comfortable in. If you feel most comfortable wearing all black, go for it. If you prefer to wear flare jeans over skinny jeans, then don’t hesitate! Only you ultimately know what clothes you feel your best in.

It can be challenging to take a leap of faith and trust your instincts. With the ever growing presence of social media, it’s hard not to compare yourself and your style to celebrities and influencers. I still get a lot of my inspiration from fashion bloggers, but I always add my own flare.

When you try something on, ask yourself if it makes you feel confident. If the answer is no, you don’t need it. If you like something, it’s fashionable. Don’t worry about if other people would wear it. If it makes you happy, then you’re on your way to developing your own style.

I encourage and welcome boldness into my wardrobe. While I typically gravitate toward a more minimalist style, I also love loud prints, shirts with funky sleeves, edgy leather jackets and ripped boyfriend jeans. It takes a lot of courage to wear what you actually want to wear instead of dressing to fit in. Once you start dressing for yourself and wearing what you feel good in, you’re going to be unstoppable.


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